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Why I Chose To Move The @420 pitch by WeedClub Online?

Coronavirus Stats Don't Lie. Can't Stop Won't Stop Connecting Founders and Investors. 

By: WeedClub CEO, Evan Horowitz, Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 9:35 AM PT

Dear Cannabis Industry Stakeholders,

Being @420 on Twitter and the CEO of WeedClub (a measurable amount of the world's cannabis professionals are on our platform already) by Farmhouse, Inc. (OTC: FMHS) only goes so far to solve the problems of our beloved Members.  The in-person events we throw, mostly at Runway in the Twitter Building, are part of the secret sauce of where the testimonials are coming from at WeedClub.  

It used to be that meeting at an @420 pitch by WeedClub checked the box for "Met in person".  Investors start the due diligence process having already looked founders in the eyes.  Gut instinct factors heavily into investor sentiment and many founders just have that "it factor".  You know "it" when you see "it".  But, what if we just have no choice other than to move the otherwise successful @420 pitch by WeedClub process completely into the virtual realm?  

Here's the reason why I chose to move the March 24th, 2020 @420 pitch by WeedClub online:

Drumroll please. 

Events spread Coronavirus. 

It's a fact. 

*Source: CNN Mar 11 2020

More cases like this are being traced daily.  The RSA Conference held in San Francisco a few weeks ago had a similar occurrence as the Biogen Conference with 2 Attendees testing positive for Coronavirus. 

Social distancing really does work to slow the spread of this disease. And, slowing an epidemic can only be good.  Time is our friend.  Making a vaccine and developing herd immunity help us to bridge our way through this crisis.

But what about cannabis entrepreneurs? We've waited HELLA LONG for this opportunity.  I don't want to put off the opportunity for the great companies to present to investors as intended.  WeedClub is trying to do what we always do which is to solve the problems of our Members and the industry as a whole via technology based networking. 

For example, Cannected has a heck of an ERP solution and two incredible Co-Founders, Nancy and Iolanda.  Both have enterprise experience and their Pilot integration is a respected brand called Legion of Bloom.  Cannected is now looking to raise $500k of Seed capital to help bring their ERP to market.  WeedClub is helping Cannected to meet investors and we are likely to be compensated fyi.  How long is right to delay our event? Nobody knows.  

That's why I decided not to simply delay the event, as our peer David Kram suggested in a Facebook thread.  To do so would hurt, not help Cannected and the other incredible companies presenting in the event.  

We will stream the event for Free. Maybe we can do an even better job here?  We are already looking at innovative ways to give investors the warm and fuzzies they are used to from meeting in person.  If we can get the investor connections to close without physical interaction, then we can continue to solve the problem within our Community.  

If you are still on the fence about all of these event cancellations, then take a moment to learn about the concept of #FlattenTheCurve.  

It has been statistically proven that cancelling classes, sporting events, and gatherings slows the spread of Covid-19 Disease.

Being that weed is a wellness industry, I can't risk that our Friends in High Places® will be hurt.   The pioneers of this industry have suffered enough at the hands of law enforcement and unscrupulous competitors.  

Stay tuned for more details about this fabulous cohort that will be streaming for you on March 24, 2020.  

When it is all clear to return to live events in the comfort of our office in the Twitter Building in SF, we will gladly celebrate that moment with an event. 

Stay elevated,

Evan Horowitz

CEO, WeedClub, Farmhouse and the @420 pitch


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