Posted: Mon January 13 2:03 PM PST  
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States start cracking down on smokable hemp flowers. For no legal reason.

By: WeedClub Team, Monday, January 13, 2020 at 2:02 PM PT

State lawmakers are turning an eye towards hemp, the non-psychoative form of cannabis. Instead of seeking a high, hemp users seek the benefits of cannabinoids to ease aches, pains and stress. The rise of hemp usage has caught many lawmakers by surprise and caused many to start trying to crackdown on the hemp market. This has created a heated debate between hemp farmers and lawmakers.

The push back has mainly come from police departments, state law enforcement agencies and district attornys in states like North Carolina. Their main concerns include that it's a smokable product that's hard to differentiate unless a specific lab is used for testing and that smokable hemp will make it impossible to search a person or property for maijuana based on the smell of weed.

On the other hand, hemp farmers see this as a blooming industry with high margins and view the plant as an agricultural commodity that shouldn't have a ban in place. Farmers have been arguing that law's against smokable hemp violate the 2018 farm bill and would seriously harm their businesses. In Indiana, U.S. District Senior Judge Sarah Evans sided with the hemp industry and protecting hemp farmers livelihoods.

While the debate continues, the bottom line is that some lawmakers are trying to change the 2018 Farm Bill due to the trouble law enforcement officers are having differentiating between hemp and marijuana.  


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