Posted: Sun February 16 11:24 AM PST  
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90% In Kentucky Favor Legalizing Medical Cannabis. 90%. 

Kentucky Health Issues Poll is Conclusive. Will Policy Makers Listen?

By: WeedClub Team, Sunday, February 16, 2020

Spokespeople for any government agencies in Kentucky ought to recognize the overwhelming support for legalization in their home state.  A Poll released this month had a whopping 90% approval rate for opening up medical marijuana.  A majority of Kentucky residents polled felt that cannabis should be legal "Under Any Circumstances" as well. 

Support overall

Later in the Poll, there is a more granular representation of how the results break down by political party affiliation.  95% of Democrats said yes to medical marijuana, while 90% of Republicans agreed.

There's hope.  

Kentucky Farmers stand to crush it in the weed market instead of the tobacco market or orchids or whatever they are growing.  Plus, products that contain blends of CBD and THC have broad market appeal.  The economic benefits of regulation are obvious, so it will be interesting to see if this groundswell of support for legalization in Kentucky translates into a win for House Bill 136



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