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Pregnancy opens your door to parenthood. While trying to conceive by opting for IVF, it is essential that you check the quality of the egg to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This is because, with age, the quality of eggs tends to decline. When the egg is not healthy enough and is of poor quality, it can result in an unhealthy baby. The poor quality of eggs can also lead to miscarriage, leaving you distressed and disheartened. However, by following some measures to improve the quality of eggs, you can ensure a healthy pregnancy at the best IVF centre in Punjab.


Improve Blood Flow

A smooth blood flow rich with oxygen is important to ensure the good health of the eggs. One of the things you can do to ensure blood flow is to keep yourself hydrated with a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water or fluid per day. Regular exercise also helps to improve the flow of blood in the body. A healthy heart would lead to optimal circulation of blood in all the parts of your body. Getting massage therapy or practising yoga can also improve blood flow.


Healthy Diet

Your overall health would reflect on the health of the egg. Therefore, keeping yourself healthy by eating and drinking healthy food can help you to improve the quality of eggs. Various studies show that food rich in nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and grains contribute a lot to your fertility. Not only do you need to eat healthy food, but you also need to steer clear of processed food, saturated fats and excessive salt and sugar. Along with this, you need to restrict your alcohol consumption as much as you can to ensure a healthy body and a healthy baby. You can consult a doctor at the best IVF centre in Bathinda to learn about the food items that are good for you to eat before and during pregnancy.  


Incorporate Fertility Supplements

Fertility supplements serve the purpose of improving egg quality. However, various fertility supplements are made from strong antioxidants that can lead to a decline in the health of the egg. Therefore, before choosing a supplement, it is essential to approach the best IVF centre in Punjab and only use the IVF supplements that are clinically proven to be safe and have strong proof to support their claims. These supplements can help to maintain the natural metabolic balance, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.


Quit Smoking

Smoking never does good to anyone, especially to someone who is trying to conceive with the help of the best IVF centre in Bathinda. Several studies have explained that smoking leads to fertility problems and causes lowered fertility in the future. This happens because of the chemicals present in the cigarette that can mutate the DNA of a woman's egg and cause rapid loss of eggs in the ovaries. 


Maintain Healthy Weight

Weight also affects the overall health of our body, and it has been discovered as a factor that decreases the quality of eggs. This happens due to increased oxidative stress and alterations of mitochondrial function. A healthy diet and regular exercise can highly contribute to losing weight and also prevent you from any other concerns that can arise during pregnancy due to being overweight. Everybody is built differently; therefore, it's ideal to contact the best IVF centre in Bathinda to learn about the ideal weight for pregnancy as well as the ways to maintain it. 



Stress produces several hormones like prolactin and cortisol that can be responsible for affecting egg quality and production. Whale opting for an IVF treatment at the best IVF centre in Punjab, try to indulge yourself in activities that release happy hormones. Practice meditation or any other activity that helps to reduce stress. Stress can affect not only the egg quality but also the baby and the mother during the pregnancy phase. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you steer clear of stress before, during and after pregnancy.

These are some of the ways that can help you improve the quality of your egg as you go for an IVF treatment at the best IVF centre in Bathinda. However, these measures should be taken after pregnancy to ensure that you are healthy and happy as you take care of your child.

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