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They used to, too

Medical cannabis is real medicine. We now live in a time where public support for medical cannabis is at an all time high, the truth has been spoken and the genie is out of the bottle. So why do we still hear the same rhetoric? Why do anti cannabis forces still cling to the lies and remain blind to to truth?

Could it be the forces against cannabis have too much to loose and that the uneducated don’t know the difference?  Maybe it’s kind of like the frog in the boiling pot of water and the last days of the dinosaurs.  Work with me here; A frog placed in a pot of water (like the anti cannabis forces) can’t tell the water is getting hotter and the end is near and, like the dinosaurs during their last days, they were too busy consuming and dominating to notice the writing on the wall. Like the frog, they can’t see it coming and, like the dinosaurs, well, you know how it worked out for the dinosaurs… not so good.

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