Posted: Sat January 14 8:48 PM MST  
Business: Organtica
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What does this say about Organtica? 
We have five strains this weekend (plus medibles, concentrates, tinctures and concentrated cannabis oil capsules). Some may look at this and say “Only 5 strains?” while others will look at it and say “Wow, some of the very best strains in the entire state!” It all depends on how you look at it and, how you feel about quality vs quantity.

At Organtica we focus on quality. We would rather have three great strains on the shelves then one or two good strains and a handful of “dogs”. If you’ve been yo our dispensary clinic, you already know we don’t offer dogs, or strains that are “OK”, but not exceptional. That’s not how we roll.

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Quality over quantity/Patients for patients

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