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Forget about trying any 31.88% THC Arise. We just got the test results back from Steep Hill Labs here in Albuquerque and, it is a mind blower (literally). I don’t even know where to begin other than just to say: We are still doing the research however, it appears the strongest medical cannabis anywhere on the planet can be found right here in little old Albuquerque New Mexico, exclusively at the Organtica dispensary clinic.

Arise from Irie Genetics, by Organtica - 32% THC (yes, you read that correctly, this is not a mistake. This is not a test. This is killer genetics, grown to perfection)

Compound Profile: Cannabinoids
Cannabinoid    %     mg/g
CBD           Not Detected
CBDA         0.072 % 0.72 mg/g
CBG           0.18 %     1.8 mg/g
CBN           Not Detected
THC           0.43 %     4.3 mg/g
THCA         35 %     350 mg/g

Decarboxylated Values
Cannabinoid Equation Value

THC THCA x 0.88 + THC 32 %
CBD CBDA x 0.88 + CBD 0.063 %

$12 Gram

We will be doing a limited release of Arise soon. Watch for details on our website. We expect that in addition to being one of the most potent strains on the planet, it surely will also be one of the fastest. While quantities last, no reservation, no pre-orders, must be present.
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