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The success of a party largely depends on the planning of the host. It takes a lot of planning and prior preparation to throw a fabulous event. But house parties with a small group of friends don’t take that much planning as you can order food online and call it a day. At times, you just want to hang out with your closest buddies and have a fun time. You may even wish to share a blunt. Adding weed to the party only increases the allure of the event. But when it comes to smoking pot, you must maintain a few rules. Continue reading this article to learn more about hosting a fabulous cannabis party.


No Minors: Every state has a legal age for smoking weed. While some states allow recreational usage of smoking weed, other states don’t. So make sure when you host a weed party, you are not breaking any rules to avoid legal troubles. Even if you have young friends who hang out with you all the time, let them know that they are not invited to the pot party.


Different Type Of Strains: When you throw a weed party, you must serve weed unless you ask everyone to bring their weed. Not everyone knows where to buy flower buds cannabis; therefore, it is best if you provide a variety of weed and pre-rolls to your guests. A different type of weed has a different effect on one’s system. So, let everyone know the type of strains served at the party.


The Right Atmosphere: A cannabis party is all about heightening the senses. So, decorate a party space that is cozy and fun. Then, search for a weed-inspired Spotify playlist and let the music play. When you smoke weed, you experience music differently. One may even see music instead of hearing it.


  • Light up scented candles and incense to make the room smell fresh. The fragrance helps eliminate the weed smell from the room.
  • Lay down a few comfy cushions and carpets on the floor and create a seating area. When people smoke weed, they just want to sit comfortably.
  • You may watch colorful videos on the big screen as it gives you a major high. You may also keep a few lava lamps in the room to create that spooky feeling.
  • Turn off harsh lighting, as no one enjoys a direct light when high; it is a buzzkill. Instead, let the candles be the primary light source in the room. You may also turn on a few lamps if necessary.


Serve Finger Food: When you throw a weed party, you must serve food, as people get hungry right after smoking pot. Instead of ordering something fancy, you may just get a bucket of chicken from your favorite restaurant. Fried and greasy food work the best after smoking a joint. You can also make pot-brownies or edible marijuana cookies and serve them to the guests. If possible, avoid stiff drinks for the night, as weed and alcohol don’t mix well. You don’t want people to get drunk and throw up on the floor.


Safety First: If possible, the host can also provide the guests to crash in for the night. Under any circumstances, one should not drive home after getting high. Instead, call an Uber if anyone wants to go home.

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