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Leading Cannabis Trade Magazine MG Now Available to Consumers Nationwide

MG magazine, a glossy monthly magazine covering the cannabis industry, will be available to consumers on newsstands nationwide beginning Jan. 8, 2016. Until now, the magazine has been available only to industry insiders as it covered the marijuana business by staying abreast of news, legal analysis, financial forecasts and emerging trends essential for businesses, investors, and potential entrepreneurs. 

“Legal cannabis has proven to be a major economic driver in pivotal U.S. states and is expected to continue to extend across the country,” according to mg publisher Darren Roberts. “Americans not only are engaged, but are taking a proactive approach to an increasingly relevant and vital topic. We provide in-depth coverage through the eyes of insiders in the know. mg provides information that allows individuals and companies—including those in states eyeing legalization—the information they must have to be successful, profitable and informed.”

As the voice for the legalized cannabis industry, MG not only addresses current and future needs of business professionals, but also galvanizes advancements in policies that support the growth and success of the industry as a whole. Each issue delivers insight about the people, products, and politics that advance or impede the market sector. 

Roberts is no stranger to politically sensitive industries. As CEO of the globally recognized AVN Media Network covering the adult entertainment industry for over 16 years, Roberts is well accustomed to the struggles and hurdles that the cannabis industry must overcome.

“I’ve spent the last two decades developing business-to-business publications for a variety of industries, and I have never seen such overwhelming consumer interest in a trade magazine,” he said. “This is very much a lifestyle industry and the lines that separate consumers and professionals are thin.”

Cannabis activist Aaron Justis appears on mg’s January cover. Justis got involved in the industry in 1997 and since then has fervently advocated policy reform. He currently serves as president of Buds & Roses, a medical dispensary in Los Angeles, and sits on boards of directors for several organizations including the National Cannabis Industry Association. 

“Justis is a devoted believer in the industry and the patients it supports. He is a role model we are proud to feature on the cover of this significant issue,” said mg managing editor Tom Hymes. 

MG will be available at Barnes & Noble and other select retailers beginning Jan. 8, 2016. For information about stocking the magazine or obtaining a direct-to-you subscription, visit mg-

Press may request sample issues by calling 310-488-8615.

About CANN Media Group LLC 
CANN Media Group, publisher of mg magazine, is an integrated media marketing firm serving the cannabis business sector. Through multiple media platforms, CANN Media provides a singular focus on the people, plants, and products that fuel the unprecedented growth of the cannabis industry. The company’s market-leading brands and commitment to delivering innovative, quality products enable cannabis professionals to be more efficient at marketing their products and services. 


mg magazine is the leading trade publication serving the cannabis industry professional. We offer a singular focus on the people, plants and products that fuel the unprecedented growth of the cannabis industry, as well as a shared interest in the continued use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. Given the dynamic pace of this ever-evolving industry with market forces and business environments changing daily, mg magazine is designed to help industry leaders remain in the forefront of change by providing in-depth coverage of the topics most relevant to their professional lives. It is our strategic goal to empower the cannabis professional to become more successful by delivering timely and high-value industry-critical features, news, information and data services across a myriad of platforms.

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Mon January 04 1:40 PM PST
Congrats to MG Magazine! Thanks for supporting and helping to grow the cannabis industry!

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