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As more and more states favor the use of marijuana, people have started to realize the medical benefits of hemp. Although marijuana has existed for centuries, its medicinal use has recently attracted the attention of mainstream consumers. In addition to THC with its pain-relieving properties, marijuana also contains CBD, a chemical that works on the brain. Both these substances (THC & CBD) are extracted by a process known as short-path distillation. Given below are some health benefits of marijuana.


Chronic Pain Relief: Cannabinoids are the main compound found in cannabis. Due to the chemical composition of marijuana, cannabinoids help relieve chronic pain. Therefore, by-products of cannabis like medicinal cannabis are used to relieve chronic pain.


  • Researches on cannabis showed that it helps control seizures. In addition, some researches also imply that consuming medical cannabis can cure epilepsy too.
  • One of the best medicinal properties of cannabis is its anti-cancerous qualities. Some cannabis is said to cure certain types of cancer. In addition, it undoubtedly provides pain relief for patients who go through chemotherapy.
  • Glaucoma puts extra pressure on the eyeballs, which is painful for people with this disorder. Marijuana helps relieve stress on the eyeballs and provides temporary relief for glaucoma patients.


Inflammatory Bowels Disease: People with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease may find relief by the intake of cannabis. THC and cannabidiol enhance the immune response by interacting with cells that play a role in intestinal function. The medicinal chemicals of cannabis help stop bacterial growth and other compounds that cause inflammation in the intestines.


Helps In Weight Loss: If you observe, you will find that most cannabis consumers are anything but overweight. It is because hemp can help your body regulate insulin and effectively control calorie intake.


Slows down Progress Of Alzheimer's Disease: The endocannabinoids in cannabis contain anti-inflammatory properties that can fight brain inflammation which causes Alzheimer's. Therefore, doctors often recommend marijuana to people who show early signs of Alzheimer's disease.


Helps Quit Drinking: Another health benefit of cannabis is that it is undoubtedly safer than alcohol. Although not 100% risk-free, substituting cannabis for alcohol may be a rational way to restrain alcoholism.


Depression and PTSD: Marijuana undoubtedly has healing benefits on the body, but it is equally effective for the mind. Studies show that marijuana helps reduce unnecessary hypertension, which is at the root of several diseases such as depression.


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder affects veterans and anyone who has experienced trauma. Since the legalization of cannabis, people have studied its effects on helping people with PTSD. Cannabis helps control the fight or flight response by preventing it from accelerating.
  • Depression is common, but most people don't realize they have it. The endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis help sustain the mood and alleviate depression.
  • Hemp can help reducing anxiety levels and calm consumers. Compared with smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana flower does not damage the lungs. In addition, a study found that usage of marijuana helps increasing lung capacity rather than harming it.

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