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CBD-infused products are no longer a hidden or countercultural commodity — they are now front and center. Some users prefer their CBD in a liquid form, commonly in tea or coffee, while others choose to ingest theirs in a variety of edible options and accompanying flavors.

As CBD-infused products such as cannabis gummies become more prevalent, more research is being conducted and we’re learning about the growing list of therapeutic benefits associated with the cannabis plant.

Let’s explore some of the health benefits of increasingly popular CBD edibles.

Anxiety-Reducing Remedy

Adults are continuously looking for healthy, safe ways to reduce their anxiety and lower stress — and edibles have become a popular choice. Studies are showing a relationship between edible CBD products and anxiety reduction, thanks to the Cannabidiol compound —which binds to particular receptors in the brain. Gummies are the popular choice among CBD users for their convenience and flavor variety.

They’re an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the right edibles, always check the label. Products that explicitly list hemp-derived CBD as a key ingredient will offer authentic benefits — in legal terms it may be referred to as cannabis-derived.

The CBD compounds are extracted from the leaves, stalks, and stems of the hemp plant. Edibles that are decorated with this language will offer the full therapeutic benefits to their users.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Researchers have found the endocannabinoid system plays an important part in regulating mood, appetite, and sleep — CBD in edible form is a simple way for adults to unwind and stabilize anxiety, preparing their body for a deeper, more impactful sleep.

A Discrete Way to Unwind

Edible marijuana products offer adults an alternate way to unwind after a long day — without the mess of loose cannabis leaves, and the possible lung irritation that can come with ingesting the THC properties found in the plant.

Instead of alcohol, which often comes with negative side effects, CBD-infused edibles combine the taste of your favorite gummies or chocolate flavors with the growing list of benefits that are derived from the Cannabidiol compound — longer-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain, reduced anxiety, and maintained brain health.


The apprehensions associated with cannabis often stem from the discrepancy between CBD and THC. While both are derived from the cannabis plant, CBD comes from the hemp plant and is devoid of the psychoactive effects found in THC-infused products.

First-time or occasional users can reap the benefits of their CBD-infused edibles — whether they prefer their favorite cookie or a fruit-flavored gummy — without worrying about any of the hallucinogenic properties often found with the THC components of the cannabis plant. Edibles offer a safe, easy way for adults to ingest their CBD, tackling whichever health issue they may face or to simply unwind after a long day.

If you’ve been interested in trying cannabis edibles but weren’t sure if they were right for you — well, we hope this article has been enlightening.

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