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Sharp Stone believes that there is no one best portable vaporizer for everyone. Instead, we believe that there is an ideal dry herb vaporizer for every individual, and we want to assist you in finding yours. For some, that could mean a super-compact vape for fast hits while out and about. For others, it could mean a larger home vaporizer that you and your pals can use to take down whole ovens. Every person is unique, and your vaporizer should reflect that.

To help you explore our modest, curated collection of the Other portable vaporizer, we've built a number of sections for certain needs, pricing ranges, and specific themes. We have a favorite in each category.

Best all-around portable dry herb vaporizer

These are our absolute top all-around choices. Regardless of budget, we believe these portable vapes provide the best vaping experience available. They're lauded not only by Sharp Stone employees, but also by customers and reviewers for their consistency, convenience of use, and, of course, outstanding vaporization.

Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

While some of the choices in our guide required considerable thought, this one was as simple as using the Mighty+. There are no complicated techniques to master or moving parts to keep track of; it simply works, producing a smooth vapor that lives true to its name. It may appear to be a little huge at first, but with its incredible.

The best flavour

All of the vaporizers we sell have excellent flavour, but there are few that stand out beyond the rest. These vapes go above and beyond to retain and deliver the full flavour of your herbs, with extra cooling, high-quality materials, and features that let you to tailor the experience to your specific preferences.

Firefly 2+ - Superior flavour

When it comes to flavour, the Firefly 2+ goes above and beyond. It uses convection heat to quickly reach vaping temperature, so you don't have to wait long for your session. It also features a sleek, pocketable design that will pique the interest of owners of more mundane vaporizers.

The Firefly 2+ travels well, unlike our other tasty pick.

The best dry herb vape for everyday use

For vaporists on the go, portability is essential. If you want a vaporizer that you can keep with you at all times, it must be sturdy, compact, and consistent. It should be sturdy enough to slide in and out of your pocket or bag during the day without worrying about accidental drops or scratches, tiny enough to not weigh you down, and give a wonderful experience every time without requiring you to fuss with settings or tweak any finicky parts.

Best dry herb vaporizer for concealment

Trying to avoid detection? These are our go-to vaporizers for when you need a quick cloud without raising any eyebrows. That translates to a pocket-sized vape.

Because concentrates have grown in popularity, many portable vaporizers now include concentrate attachments or canisters that fit within the heating chamber. Other units include tanks for e-juice. It should be noted that these devices were not built expressly for such chemicals and may not deliver satisfactory results. Concentrates, in particular, are not suitable for portable herb vaporizers since the units do not achieve a high enough temperature to atomize the drug. The use of these drugs without a canister expressly designed for the device is not recommended owing to the risk of harming the vaporizer.

Popular Brands

  1. Fire Fly

The Firefly is a well-known high-end vaporizer with convection heating and a 5-second heat-up time. Both of these capabilities make it an appealing option for vaporizing fans. A 2-year limited warranty is also included with the item. The Firefly has six preset temperature settings and a glass vapor route.

  1. PAX

For a time, the Pax was the most popular vaporizer on the market and is still the favored choice amongst many consumers. One of the most attractive features of the Pax is its 10-year manufacturer warranty. Combined with a metal frame and sleek size, plus a conduction-style heating chamber, the Pax is one of the premiere portable vaporizers available.

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