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In 1996, medical marijuana use became legal after the implementation of the Compassionate Use Act. With the introduction of Proposition 64 on November 8th, 2016, adult use of cannabis products in California became legal, causing an even more drastic transformation of social acceptance. Since that day, people across the state have voiced their love for the flower extensively, resulting in dispensaries sprouting up throughout the area. Further, other states in the U.S. have made initial steps towards legalization, following California's footsteps. Finally, it is no longer a potential threat of prison time or a probation sentence if a person has a small amount of marijuana on them.


California has dispensaries, also known as weed shops, everywhere, offering dozens, if not hundreds, of smokable ways to celebrate. With so many choices, how does one find that needle in a haystack? Where can you discover the dispensary of your dreams?


Specific criteria are involved, as there are several vital features to look for when finding a dependable, worthwhile shop. To start, you'll want an extensive selection of products. Every day, growers develop their new strains and combine them in new and exciting ways. Some of which can be incredibly potent, meaning you more than likely want to be able to try it if possible. You'll need a dispensary with some decent stock for that.


A while back, I ran into this problem and tried numerous dispensaries looking for a solution. But, each one had certain flaws that managed to ruin the experience for me. By this, the first two had problems keeping fresh products in stock. They would advertise it as new, then sell old and buds too stale to get any natural flavors you expected from buying such a product.


The third dispensary was actually alright. Specifically, they maintained a pleasant demeanor every time, and the product was A+. However, what bothered me was that I was driving over an hour to get there and back each time. Total, the commute was around two hours and twenty minutes. So, I couldn't shop there too often. Like most people, I am busy most of my time working, so those two hours I would need to make it there was challenging to find.


Then, a friend explained that I could have bud delivered straight to my front door. I remember calling him a liar and laughing it off as a joke at the time. But, after needing to restock a few days past that and being unable to go to my usual spot from my work piling up, I gave it a shot. I expected someone clueless to show up a day or two late, trying to sell me blades of grass as medical marijuana. However, I couldn't have been more wrong.


Just as my friend had said, a package arrived containing some of the best, most potent White Widow hybrid (a type of marijuana) weed that I had ever laid eyes on my expected delivery date. Now, I am a loyal customer and don't see that changing any time soon.


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