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Present since the early 2000s, the popularity of vaping promises to grow exponentially. Likewise, the cannabis market is booming ever since its potential health benefits grabbed the limelight, and many states and countries are legalizing cannabis. 


The latest trend is the combination of the two. People are getting drawn to vaping CBD because they believe inhaling is the fastest way to reap its benefits. But all must remain informed and updated about vaping CBD as most of them are unregulated.  Given that, it's best to know the following facts about vaping CBD before joining its trend.

  1. CBD vape oil or CBD flower  




While shopping CBD for vaping, you might get confused between oil and flower. It’s all a matter of choice as both give different experiences. CBD vape oil is a consumable concentrate extracted from the hemp plant, while CBD flower is the dried, trimmed, and processed plant made ready for consumption.  


Vape oil has a higher concentration of CBD (60 to 80%). It also has more terpenes, compounds, and other natural substances for enhanced flavors and health benefits. However, it has a traceable amount of THC but does not give you any high. CBD flower has a far less concentration of CBD (7 to 15%) and some amount of THC. It is thus likely to give you a high. Moreover, both need different kinds of vaping devices.  

  1. Types of CBD Oil  


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Next, you need to decide on the type of vaping CBD oil. They are of three types. 

  • Full-spectrum


It contains all the array of compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes of the source plant, including less than 0.3% THC. Many deem it as most effective due to the ‘entourage effect.’ 

  • Broad-spectrum


It contains all the components of the full spectrum except THC. It also shows high effectivity and some ‘entourage effect.’ 

  • CBD isolate


All components except the CBD are removed, giving you the purest form with about 99% CBD. The wellness quotient of CBD is high, but it loses on the essence, aroma, and taste of the plant.  

  1. Where to buy CBD vapes  


Before proceeding further, it is essential to address this query. Foremost, you must be in a state where CBD products and the use of marijuana is legal, and you have access to dispensaries. You must always buy from a reputed store or reputed online store like 

  1. Reading CBD labels for potency.


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When purchasing CBD products, it is crucial to know the art of reading its label correctly, especially for potency. The label would tell you about the amount of CBD and THC, the type of CBD, and its potency. Some labels even provide the terpene percentage. You can purchase an appropriate one, depending on the kind of medical relief you are seeking. Other information that the label can give you is:


  • The place of CBD harvest since U.S. harvested cannabis tends to be more regulated. 

  • Other ingredients present in the CBD oil. 

  • Whether the CBD oil is organic or not.  

  • Whether the CBD oil is third-party approved or not.  


The more informative a label is, the more authentic the CBD oil would be.  

  1. Dosages  


The dose of CBD oil that you would be vaping is also vital. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this. The correct dosage depends on your weight, body fat percentage, medical relief you are seeking, amount of sleep you have, etc. You can either consult a doctor or start with a minimum standard dose and gradually increase its potency until you find the dosage that works for you.  

  1. Different type of vapes  


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The vaping device is of equal importance when vaping CBD oil. Understanding several vaping devices can be daunting, but we give you a rundown of some basic types. 

  • Vape pens  


These are a small form factor vape, excellent for trying CBD. They come preloaded with CBD oil of your choice and are super easy to handle. They come cheap but can be temperamental, in case you made a wrong choice.  

  • Disposable vapes  


These are non-refillable vape pens that are of the smallest available size and are cheap to buy. Each pen can give you a few hundred puffs. It is an excellent choice for travel and newbies who would like to try and experiment before investing in quality devices and CBD oils.  

  • Dry herb vapes  


This vape can work in different ways. Here, a battery heats an oven instead of a coil to cook the contents inside to release vapors for vaping. This way, it is called a conduction vaporizer. It can also operate in a different manner where it draws hot air through the plant matter.  

  • Box mods  


These are advanced, large, and more powerful vapes. They are expensive to buy and often require extra batteries and an e-liquid tank before getting usable. Moreover, they take time, money, and knowledge. This type of vaping device is ideal for experienced and dedicated vapers. 

  1. Side-effects of vaping CBD 


Research on this topic is still in its infancy. But when vaping CBD, you might experience mild to severe side effects like drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. They will subside over time, but if they persist and take an extreme turn, discontinue the use and preferably consult a cannabis doctor.   

Wrapping up  


Vaping CBD oil can be one of the rewarding experiences if done correctly and with a suitable CBD oil device. We hope to have given you the right path to reap its benefits fully. However, before incorporating the natural substance into your diet and lifestyle, consult your doctor.

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