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The beginning of your vaping journey is an enthralling phase, but it is also usually filled with many doubts and a wide range of choices to make. The moment you decide to vape, the first thing to know is what you want to vape. 

You can choose oils, extracts concentrates, or opt for dry herbs and flowers. The clarity on what you want to vape would help you decide what kind of device you should have. 

There are certain key distinctions between choosing dry herbs vs oil concentrates. So how to make the right choice between the two? Well, here are a few points to consider before making this choice. 

Taste And Smell

The taste and flavor profile available from a vape hit is crucial for differentiation between dry herb and oil vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers offer an experience very close to methods like smoking. It gives better taste and consistency, making it possible to relish the herb's real earthy taste and flavors in the absence of chemicals. You can check out the best MTL vape kit for top-notch mouth to lung vaping experience.

On the other hand, oil vaporizers offer the liberty to choose from a wide range of flavors such as fruity, floral options. They can be used with e-juices or concentrates for better vapor density, and a smoother throat hit. Based on how raw you want the vapor taste, you can choose between the two.  

Size and Portability

Although a wide size range is available in both dry herb and oil vaporizers, the latter offers discreet and effective designs at the same time. Even compact vape pens used with concentrates provide a wonderful experience with optimum heat levels for enhanced flavors.  

While dry vaporizers are also portable, they are comparatively bigger than oil-based devices. Also, the efficiency of portable dry vaporizers is not comparable to desktop dry herb vaporizers, which also influences a significant difference in the vaping experience between the two. Oil vaporizers are thus ideal for those looking for a convenient portable vapes option that is also effective


Compared to oil vaporizers that work with concentrates and e-juices, dry herb devices require more frequent maintenance and cleaning routines. The herb tends to clog the areas near the mouthpiece, filter that could reduce the airflow, and hinder your experience. But the advantage of the dry herb devices is that they have fewer components that require cleaning, which can be done with some rubbing alcohol. 

In the case of oil vaporizers, the chances of particle build-up are rare. But several components including, coil, wick, cartridge, require regular cleaning to enhance the flavors and experience, which can be intensive. 


When we talk about vaping potent herbs such as cannabis that offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits, the use of oil herb vaporizers could provide a strong advantage. The extracted oils contain an extensive profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that are very much available in the vapors. These compounds are crucial to enjoying benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, sleep, improved focus, and energy. High-quality oils can also ensure that there are no side effects to the process. 

In the case of dry herbs, the vaporization may not retain the natural structures of the cannabinoids that could destroy the plant's potency. It may not be the ideal way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the herb.  

Ease Of Use 

Oil vaporizers are fast and easy to use compared to inhaling dry herbs. They are also quite versatile as they can accommodate dabs, wax, concentrates, e-juices with a compatible attachment easily available on the market. Also, the need for customizable temperature settings is minimum, thus making it ideal for novice vapers.

Dry herb devices are ideal only for dry herb and flowers. They require the user to adjust temperature settings to enjoy a comfortable experience. They also take significantly longer to achieve the perfect heat settings that are ideal for vaporizing the herbs. It means that you need to get used to these devices before you can enjoy your vaping sessions. 

Battery Life

All vape devices are equipped with a battery to provide optimum heating for the sample to vaporize. In the case of dry vaporizers, the power required to heat the chamber and herbs within is quite high. Hence most dry herb vaporizers are equipped with high power batteries. They are also power-intensive and tend to drain the battery much faster. 

But oil vaporizers require comparatively low heat for the vaporization process. Hence, they offer efficient vaporization even with low capacity batteries such as 1100mAh, which is not enough for dry herb devices. They provide longer battery life, making it the ideal choice for vapers who love to travel.

Loading Process

Dry herb vaporizers contain chambers where the ground herb is placed.  On the other hand, oil vaporizers use cartridges. Some designs have prefilled cartridges, while others offer the liberty to fill it on your own. These cartridges require replacement after some time and are easy to attach to the device after refilling.

While both devices require some understanding of the loading process, it might be relatively easy in dry herb vaporizers. 

Keep in mind the importance of quality while choosing vaporizers as it plays a vital role in enhancing your vaping experience. Using these parameters to access the two vape devices can help you identify the right choice for your vaping journey.

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