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When it comes to farming and agricultural equipment, Eicher Tractors has been a trusted name for decades. Eicher's commitment to quality, innovation, and performance has made them a popular choice among farmers worldwide. In this blog, l detail three impressive models from the Eicher Tractor series: the Eicher 380,Eicher 485, Eicher 551, and Eicher 333. These tractors are renowned for their versatility, reliability, and efficiency, making them indispensable assets on the farm. 

Eicher 380: Power and Performance 

The Eicher 380 is a testament to Eicher's commitment to delivering robust and powerful tractors. With a horsepower ranging from 40 to 50 HP, this tractor is well-suited for a wide range of farming tasks. Whether it's plowing, tilling, or hauling, the Eicher 380 ensures efficient performance, making it a versatile choice for farmers. 

Key Features of the Eicher 380: 

  • Robust Engine: Equipped with a high-performance engine, the Eicher 380 delivers consistent power, ensuring optimal productivity. 

  • Ergonomic Design: The tractor's ergonomic design enhances the operator's comfort during long hours of work, reducing fatigue. 

  • Fuel Efficiency: Eicher 380 is known for its fuel efficiency, which translates into cost savings for farmers. 



Eicher 485: Power and Efficiency 

The Eicher 485 is a dependable workhorse designed to cater to the diverse needs of farmers. This robust tractor boasts a powerful engine that ensures superior performance in various agricultural tasks. In India, the Eicher 485 tractor's on-road pricing ranges from Rs. 6.50 to 6.70 lakh.  

Key features  

  • Engine Power: The Eicher 485 boasts a 45 HP engine with a 2945 cc cubic capacity, ensuring robust power generation. Its 3 cylinders ensure optimal power and fuel efficiency. The air-cooled system minimizes maintenance costs. Additionally, its inline fuel pump offers cost-effectiveness and low maintenance. 

  • Fuel Efficiency: Eicher has always prioritized fuel efficiency, and the Eicher 485 is no exception. Farmers can maximize their productivity while minimizing fuel costs, a crucial factor in today's farming economy. 

  • Hydraulics : The Eicher 485 tractor boasts a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1650 kg, making it effortless to raise hydraulic-operated implements. Its 3-point linkage can securely attach category II implements, and it features manual control for adjusting implement depth and position. Additionally, it includes a single auxiliary valve for hydraulic-powered implements.  

  • Transmission:The Eicher 485 tractor offers a choice between single and dual clutches, with dual-clutch providing smoother engagement but at a higher cost. Its partial constant mesh gearbox combines sliding and constant mesh technologies, featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds with 3 driving modes. The gear lever can be positioned at the center or side for added legroom. 

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