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Dozens of weed delivery services became available in Etobicoke after Ontario’s provincial government sanctioned weed dispensaries to conduct doorstep deliveries.  The delivery services offer convenience to recreational and medicinal cannabis users all over Etobicoke city.


However, some cannabis consumers are skeptical about weed delivery services' product quality and reliability. If you have such reservations, it is time to lay them aside and embrace convenience. 


Legal weed delivery services, including Etobicoke's Black Rabbit, consistently deliver the most potent, fragrant, and flavorful weed in record time.

Below is a guide to using weed delivery services in Etobicoke.

1.   Identify a Licensed and Verified Weed Delivery Service

All weed delivery services must adhere to Ontario’s Cannabis Retail Regulations & Dispensary Laws. If you search "weed delivery services near me," you will get hundreds of results. However, due diligence is essential to ensure the weed delivery service you choose is legal.


Independent weed apps and websites are crucial tools you can use to verify various weed delivery services in your locality. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) also has a map and a list of all cannabis dispensaries in the province posted on their website. You can search for any cannabis store on AGCO's website, and the site will show you its license status.


Besides legal issues, you also need to verify the quality of services rendered by specific weed delivery services. In doing so, you will learn about their product quality, customer service etiquette, discretion, and service reliability. Customer reviews are the best resource you can use to verify service quality.


Conducting due diligence sounds like a lot of work, but it takes little time and effort. Second, it is a one-off process because once you identify the best weed delivery services, there is no going back.


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2.   Establish Available Delivery Services and Timelines

Most weed delivery services in Etobicoke offer both same-day delivery and mail order marijuana (MOM) delivery services. A diverse delivery service portfolio gives you the flexibility to align package delivery to your schedule.


Although customers can make their weed orders online 24/7, delivery services only make deliveries during specific times of the day. Routine procedures like processing orders, packaging ordered goods, and planning logistics limit delivery times.


Most same-day deliveries start around late morning to midday. Therefore, note the delivery hours so that you can shop early enough during the day to get same-day delivery. If you shop later in the day, your delivery will probably arrive the next day because COVID-19 restrictions limit working hours for weed delivery services.


You should also note how long delivery takes; most weed delivery services in Etobicoke take one to two hours, while MOM delivery takes two to five days.

3.   Sift through the Weed Delivery Service’s Online Menu

Legal weed delivery services in Etobicoke have an impressive array of craft and premium cannabis and cannabis products on their website. You can shop for anything, including; marijuana flowers, cannabis edibles, concentrates, and THC vapes.


Online weed stores arrange their products by category on the website to make it easy for customers to navigate and find the products they want. Apart from the broad product categories above, other filter categories you can use include weed strain, brand, and price.


Product reviews are your best friend when shopping for weed products online. They allow you to establish product quality and effectiveness from fellow unbiased cannabis customers.

4.   Identify and Exploit Money-saving Deals

Deals are the best thing about using weed delivery services, besides the convenience factor. Etobicoke's weed delivery services often offer bargain deals to attract and maintain customers.

Typical deals you can find include discounts on your first purchase, free shipping for purchases above a specific amount, and complimentary gifts. Some delivery services also have a loyalty program where you can earn coins and redeem them for a discount on your next purchase. Free shipping is among the deals you should always look out for when using weed delivery services because freight charges are relatively high.

5.   Place Your Order

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Place the products you want to purchase in your cart to make your order. You can make your orders 24/7 when using weed delivery services. However, early mornings and late nights are the best times to make an order for same-day delivery.


If you are new to the weed delivery service's platform, you must sign up and create an account to proceed with checkout. Signing in is always a simple process; however, contact the delivery service's customer service team if you get stuck. You can either text or call them, and they will get back to you and address your issue.


Second, ensure you select the correct delivery service before checking out. You will receive either an email or text notification on your order status once you check out.

6.   Await Your Delivery


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The text or email notification will inform you when your order will arrive, so have your ID close by as the delivery person must verify your age. Second, if you selected the “Pay on Delivery” option, have a credit card or exact cash at hand.


Weed delivery services in Etobicoke are reliable, easy to use, and offer unparalleled convenience. If you are yet to try Etobicoke’s weed delivery services, you know where to start.

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