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Having weed dispensaries near you is great, but what happens if you can’t find the time to run to your favorite weed shop? Since these shops have impractical hours of opening, you’ll likely face similar issues sometime in the future.

The arrival of weed delivery completely transformed how we get our weed goodies. However, because it’s still a reasonably new phenomenon, plenty of people are skeptical about its reliability and legitimacy.

For that reason, we decided to dive deeper into cannabis delivery services and find out whether they’re as great as they sound.


Features of a typical weed shop

Whether you’re purchasing your weed from a physical store or an online shop, you need to get to know the company before placing an order. Here are the four typical features of weed shops we suggest you carefully examine:

  1. Quality

Quality should always be your top priority, as it significantly affects your overall experience with cannabis. Purchasing low-quality products can disappoint you on many levels – from providing no beneficial effects but only countless side effects – that you’ll create a negative picture of all similar products.

On the other hand, high-quality products guarantee the ultimate pleasure and presence of all the beneficial effects and properties. Furthermore, there’s a slimmer chance to experience side effects with higher product quality.

  1. Price

Price is naturally an essential factor that can influence your final decision. However, we have to note that low price doesn’t necessarily mean the products are bad quality, just like premium products don’t always justify high prices.

For instance, you can find great deals for quality products if a new brand tries to get recognized and build a clientele. Similarly, well-known brands demand more money because of their long-established reputation. Because of this, you should always compare product price and quality to find something that works for you.

  1. Selection

Numerous cannabis products are available on the market, and the recent legalization further motivated many young entrepreneurs to form their own brands. You surely don’t want to settle with a weed shop with limited and unvarying supplies.

A wide selection is perfect for everyone who likes to experiment with and try out different products. Naturally, many weed shops realized this, and they do everything in their power to frequently bring in new items and regularly switch them up.

  1. Reviews

Finally, you’ll get the most honest and truthful picture of a weed dispensary by checking out other users’ reviews and feedback. Positive or negative, people gladly share their experiences so they can help others. If you’re still unsure about a company’s reputation, make sure to check out blogs and forums where people share their stories.

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Features of a weed delivery service in Surrey

Now that you’re familiar with what features a weed dispensary should take care of, let’s see how these features translate to cannabis delivery services

  1. Excellent quality for a great price

Delivery service companies operate from a single warehouse, so they don’t have additional costs such as renting a business place. That allows companies to offer much better prices than traditional weed shops. Moreover, they carefully pick brands and companies to partner up with, ensuring they manufacture only high-quality products.

As a result, you get excellent quality cannabis goodies for a portion of the price.

  1. Wide selection of brands and products

A large warehouse has yet another advantage. Namely, delivery services can store more products in a big space and offer them to the customers. So, don’t be surprised if you come across a wide selection of all kinds of brands and products available because they’re not out of stock, and they’re ready for you to try them out!

  1. Long opening hours and fast delivery

Don’t let inconvenient opening hours stop you from enjoying some weed. Cannabis delivery is famous for long working hours, meaning you can order weed items during almost any part of the day.

What’s more, you don’t even have to pick up your products by yourself – simply place an order online and expect delivery shortly. Delivery service will do everything to bring your package to you as soon as possible.

  1. Outstanding reputation

If you’re still skeptical about cannabis delivery, you can always check out online reviews. There you’ll learn about the outstanding reputation delivery services have due to the expectations they exceeded times and times again.


All in all, cannabis delivery services are slowly becoming the preferred method of purchasing cannabis, thanks to the numerous advantages they have over traditional weed shops. They’re a legitimate, reliable, and genuine source where not only can you get some weed, but educate yourself about it as well.

Check out a cannabis delivery service in Surrey and feel the change for yourself. 


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