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Why bother going out to buy weed when you can order it through mail delivery to your doorstep? Online shops like Just Cannabis marijuana dispensary and others in Canada allow you to get your stash without leaving the house.

Besides selling weed, these dispensaries offer different THC and CBD products like vape cartridges, oils, pipes, bongs, etc.

The latest craze that hit the market is edible THC, widespread among the younger generations. THC edibles are a suitable alternative to smoking weed for a good reason.

Stick with us for a while as we’re about to give you a few pointers on why edible’s popularity grows over time and how to pick the best online dispensary in Canada when ordering them.

THC edibles as a good alternative

There’s nothing better than rolling a blunt and smoking your weed throughout the day, right? In most cases, that’s true, but some people prefer consuming THC differently because smoking is not an option they would choose.

Let’s face it. Smoking is a nasty habit, no matter if you’re smoking cigarettes or enjoying your weed. Edible THC now allows everyone to enjoy marijuana and skip the smoking part.

People responsible for inventing THC edibles hit the jackpot and created something everyone could enjoy. Cannabis Edibles come in many different flavors, and they taste more like candy than anything that has to do with marijuana.

Consumers can now feel comfortable enjoying THC in all its glory without feeling bad about smoking it and keeping the aroma in the house throughout the day.

Sure, you can find other THC products that you don’t need to smoke, but are any of them as tasty as edibles? We don’t think so.

However, you should always eat edibles with caution. Because they’re so yummy, sometimes it’s hard to stop eating edibles- you might end up taking a few too many. It’s nothing to worry about, but you should always practice caution whenever enjoying new flavors as it’s easy to get carried away.

Looking for the best brands

Ever since marijuana became legal in Canada, dispensaries pop-up everywhere like mushrooms, and it’s hard to determine which ones are the best in the business.

Besides marijuana shops in your area, you have far better choices on the internet, as online weed shops sell some of the best products money can buy. Whether you like going out to buy or ordering your THC online, the choices of shops are almost unlimited.

The easiest way to find the best brands is by asking your close friends for their opinions. They might have already found a brand of edibles you might like, and their opinion could direct you in the right way.

Alternatively, you can check online forums or social networks and look for the reviews other people posted and figure out which brand stands out as one of the best. User review is a valuable asset of any online shop, and you can learn a lot by reading them.

Edibles are relatively new products on the market, and some brands might still struggle to produce quality products they can sell in their online shops. Therefore, finding those with high ratings and long experience in producing edibles is a wise decision.

Choosing fast deliveries

The best brands on the market will always have fast delivery options for their customers, and why not use the opportunity to get your edibles on the same day?

Same-day deliveries slowly became a new standard for all online shops, and the best brands already implemented them across Canada. 

We became a little bit spoiled with shops such as Amazon offering their premium users some of the fastest delivery in the online shopping business. Now, we would like to have that option with all products ordered through the internet.

THC edibles are no exception, and we all like to hear that doorbell ringing as fast as possible. Depending on your and the location of the nearest dispensary, you can now expect your delivery only a few hours after placing an order, which was unimaginable before.

Without any hassle, you can now order edibles from the comfort of your home and forget about getting stuck in traffic every time you want to drive to the nearest store. In some cities in Canada, driving around can waste a lot of time, as traffic can sometimes be terrible.


Finding the best place to buy edibles in Canada might not be so hard if you know how to look. There’s a thin line between all major brands on the market, and choosing between them will always guarantee you satisfaction.

In every case, when you buy your edibles from proven brands, you can always expect only the best quality products coming to your home at record times. 

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