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Dear Members of the Legitimate Cannabis Industry, launches with the vision of connecting weed businesses with each other in green velvet rope style. Our design and features enable secure communications & discovery for trusted members of the industry. Solving the industry's pain points to help its entrepeneurs scale is our passion.  

You see, the idea for Weed Club was borne out of necessity. A patient & friend of ours was utilizing a medical marijuana delivery service for a while that could suddenly not locate pre-filled clearomizer cartridges. An idea was born- What if the delivery service was part of a professional network for marijuana businesses? The rest of the story is the history we are making right now.

With our idea in tow, we joined the San Francisco tech incubator 'Runway' in the Twitter Building and recruited Silicon Valley's best talent to help us design and develop the most awesome new community possible. 

I am pleased to invite the marijuana industry to join now. Together we will solve supply chain issues, recruitment of workers challenges, inventory issues maintaining popular strains and products for consumers, along with so many more bottlenecks that happen in explosive new industries in their pioneering days.  


Evan Horowitz

Co-Founder @ Friends in High Places

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I want to know all the ways that WeedClub can help connect legitimate cannabis businesses and customers with information, each other, goods, and tech.

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Wed July 26 11:47 PM PDT
Finally, a platform that understands the needs of the cannabis industry! seems like a game-changer for solving supply chain issues and other challenges. Kudos to you, Evan, for turning an idea into reality. Count me in as a member of this green velvet rope community!