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Now's an awesome time to ensure you've got the excellent equipment for muscle recuperation to your arsenal, whether or not you are returning to a health club after the easing of pandemic regulations or making an investment in domestic workout equipment, online instructions, or health subscriptions. To reap actual exercising recuperation and reap your health goals, you will want a mix of nutrients and bodily manipulation, however, you could additionally take gain of high-tech recuperation equipment intended to limit muscle soreness (along with the hard-to-withstand CBD-infused active wear). If you are searching out an exercising device with technology on its facet to appease aching muscular tissues, recall a massage gun.

A massager gun makes use of the pressure of percussive remedy -- additionally called vibration remedy -- to govern your body's tender tissue. They're subsidized via way of means of the equal good-sized medical studies that help rub down remedy because of the top-rated device for treating a sore muscle after exercising. Everyone from leisure gym-goers to expert athletes and those with continual ache -- all of them love percussion remedies from those effective massagers for plenty of reasons.

The percussive remedy is stated to assist muscular tissues to get better quicker at the same time as decreasing muscle ache, muscle fatigue, and lactic acid buildup. They also can assist save you behind schedule onset muscle soreness. A percussion gun permits you to awareness of a positive muscle organization or muscle knots for fast ache relief. They also can enhance your variety of movement and flexibility, inspire blood flow, assist with muscle stiffness, and greater. Percussive remedies can also add even assist with strain and sleep. Also, now no longer which you must put money into a muscle rub down gun because of this alone, however, the slow-movement movies of massage weapons punching muscular tissues appearance insanely Insta-worthy. Just be cautious with the use of a massager gun when you have any accidents past muscle pain from hard exercising. 

We've examined over 30 massage weapons at this factor and the subsequent six are CNET's choices for the excellent massage gun alternatives in 2021 for muscle recuperation and ache relief. We'll keep replacing this excellent massage gun listing.


The Theragun Prime is a part of the fourth era of Theragun massage weapons. Its previous equal turned into the Theragun Live, which was on this listing of excellent rub down weapons, and is likewise reviewed in intensity here.

The Theragun Prime's principal marvelous function is that it is a lot quieter than its now-defunct counterpart. The Prime competitors the famously quiet Hypervolt Plus in phrases of quantity degree -- this is a big development from the Live.

The enhancements do not forestall there, though: Where the Theragun Liv simplest had preprogrammed speeds and got here with closed-molecular foam attachments, the brand new Theragun Prime has 5 integrated speeds (from 1,750 pm to 2, four hundred rpm) and is derived with 5 closed-molecular foam massage gun head attachments. 

At $299, the Theragun Prime is pricey, however would not set off a decal surprise pretty just like the Pro G4 (below). It once in a while is going on sale for $249, so hold your eyes peeled for that.

To me, the enhancements make the Theragun Prime appear nicely really well worth the rate. The opposition to the Prime, to me, is the unique Hypervolt: These massage weapons have many comparable functions and hover across the equal rate variety. The preference is yours for the making!

Most effective massage gun
Theragun Pro

David Carnoy/CNET
Therabody's Theraguns are taken into consideration the gold trendy in percussive remedy, so its maximum luxurious, function-wealthy muscle gun version ought to be the one of the excellent, right? 

In all truth, I even have to mention yes. Having examined greater than 20 massage weapons, along with 3 different Theraguns, the Theragun Pro is quite dang marvelous -- specifically in comparison to the preceding line of Therabody massage weapons. (The Theragun G3, a comparable version, turned into formerly in this listing. You can examine our complete overview to analyze greater.) 

The Theragun Pro G4 is, first and foremost, a lot quieter than its former iteration. Loudness has been the main criticism of Theragun consumers because of the company's early days, and the emblem, in the end, made a pass to treatment that. 

I'm now no longer pronouncing the Pro G4 is silent -- the noise degree remains louder than maximum different massage weapons -- however, it would not rattle my mind just like the G3 did, way to Theragun's new Quiet Force Technology. If you are an athlete or extreme exerciser who can address a massage tool that feels like a muted turkey carver (and you are inclined to pay pinnacle greenback for percussive remedy at your fingertips), the Theragun Pro G4 is a notable preference for you. 

With as much as 60 kilos of pressure, a rotating arm and ergonomic handle, a deep attain of 16mm into your muscle tissue, and hastens to 2, four hundred repetitions in keeping with minute, the Theragun Pro is constructed for individuals who want valid percussive remedy more than one instances in keeping with week. In short, this percussion massager is the actual deal, however, it is likely now no longer well worth it for the common exerciser. 

Previously the Tim Tam All New Power Massager turned into my select-out for the excellent high-powered massage gun, however, when you have the cash to spend, you cannot beat the energy and relative quietness of the Theragun Pro.

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