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If you're new to cannabis farming, getting started can be the biggest roadblock you'll face. The process of growing cannabis is still laborious. You will experience a lot of trial and error before arriving at the best product. 

Still, it is highly beneficial to grow cannabis indoors. For example, you can cultivate it any time of the year without being restricted by the climate or season. Whether you live in an apartment or a small house, you can grow weed practically anywhere. Provided you follow the state and local rules, you can grow your marijuana plants in grow tents any time. This write-up can guide you on how to cultivate marijuana indoors. 

  1. Growing Conditions

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The principal factors you need when growing cannabis are soil, water, seeds, and plenty of light. If you are a first-time gardener, it's necessary to buy quality potting soil that will provide your cannabis with enough nutrients to get them through most of its growth cycle. Getting pre-fertilized soil can grow cannabis plants from start to finish with no added nutrients. 

You can also make the soil by combining several components, such as worm castings and bat guano. Consider the drainage since water retention is paramount for healthy cannabis plants. Also, purchase quality seeds from reputable vendors such as Spider Farmer for high yields.

  1. You Need a Grow Space

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 If you are cultivating marijuana seeds indoors, you must first find the space. The ideal area should be next to a window so you can vent air from the growth space outside. Also, since growing marijuana plants smell, you will want to redirect air to avoid the lingering smell. 

When designing your indoor space, consider room for the plants and other equipment. Sometimes the plant can grow to double its size when flowering, demanding more headspace. Hence, ensure you have adequate headspace for your indoor space.

  1. Indoor Climate

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Marijuana, like all plants, prefers a specific environmental condition to thrive. Consider the temperature, humidity, light intensity, and airflow. In most cases, monitor and regulate these factors to keep cannabis healthy during the growth phases. 

The outside environment will influence the indoor climate when growing marijuana. If the atmosphere outside the growth space is warm or humid, you will struggle to control the indoor setting. It is always a good idea to grow your marijuana in a cool and dry area having a ready access to fresh air from outside. 

Marijuana thrives in a room with temperatures between 80 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. You must also maintain a humidity level between 50 and 60. These are the ideal conditions for growing cannabis seeds indoors. Therefore, if the space is too moist, you may need a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity. For example, you might need to run a heater or dehumidifier to stabilize the environment. 

  1. Lights

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Another important element when growing cannabis indoors is the light. You must provide the appropriate light intensity depending on the growing stages. This means you will have to control the lighting during the flowing and vegetative stages. Ensure you provide consistent lighting throughout the growing stage for effective flowing and high yields. 

Marijuana plants demand 18 hours of consistent light a day after germination. However, they will only need 12 hours a day when flowering. These are critical points you must note when planting weed indoors. 

 Sometimes, you will need to make your indoor space light-tight. Allowing outdoor light to leak into your growth space may confuse the plant and result in male flowers that won’t produce seeds. Also, you will need to use various grow lights depending on the growth stages. Raising and lowering lights can also change the temperature at the canopy level.

  1. Air circulation

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Your cannabis plant will need fresh air to thrive since they need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Therefore, provide a steady stream of air into the growth space for the plant to grow fast. For example, you will need to control hot and cold air inside the tent. The plant will need a complete air exchange during its growing space.

Without proper airflow, the indoor space for marijuana plants will experience changes in humidity that will affect plant growth. For example, depletion of carbon dioxide can lead to nutrient lockout. Providing high humidity can also cause pest manifestation mold or mildew.

You will need to set up an oscillating fan to provide a constant breath inside the space. It will strengthen your plant stems and strengthen them and make them healthier. If you're working with small areas and tents, attach the fan to structures such as walls, corners, or support beams. The medium-sized oscillating fans or big Floor models are ideal for larger grow rooms.

Ensure you position the fans to provide direct and even airflow throughout the garden. Consider using multiple fans that work together to provide comfortable airflow both above and below the canopy. 

Bottom line


You can cultivate cannabis seeds indoors and achieve high yields. It is the best way to maximize growth by controlling its growth environment. Unlike outdoor growing, it does not tie you to the sun and the seasons when cultivating marijuana indoors. You only need to provide the environment that will support the plant growth. 

These steps can guide you on growing cannabis effectively. The perfect climate for your plant is a delicate balance that involves temperature, light, and humidity. Push the temperature to remain within a comfortable range for your plants throughout the growing stage. 


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