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The cannabis industry has undergone many changes in such a short time. A few decades ago, this medicinal herb was illegal. This meant that no one was allowed to produce, distribute, or even consume marijuana, and anyone caught using it would face a harsh penalty. 


However, things started changing in 1996, which is coincidentally around the time humanity started making technological breakthroughs. In that year, An American state—California—became the first state to legalize cannabis for medical use. Since then, Other states and even countries have followed suit, legalizing this herb for use.


Taking a step further, two states in America made this herb legal for recreational use back in 2012. In that year, Colorado and Washington became the first states to allow their citizens to use this herb freely. 


These rapid changes and the rapid growth of the cannabis sector wouldn’t have been possible without law and technology. Thus, this article would help explain the role of law and technology in developing the cannabis industry.


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How Did Technology Help The Cannabis Sector? 

Although several bodies were responsible for leading the charge for lifting the ban on cannabis, technology has played a more vital role in developing the cannabis sector. It has helped in the following ways:

  • Cannabis Products Are Now Available Online


Before injecting technology into the cannabis industry, it was pretty challenging to find a reliable vendor. More often than not, you would have to look out for them by the roadside. Now, various vendors can sell cannabis to you. An excellent store that sells the best quality exotic weed for affordable prices.


However, before you go ahead to get your cannabis from a particular source, make sure you carefully analyze some things. First, you want to make sure that the services they’re providing are professional and quality. There are many online stores that offer the best services but fail to meet up the standards they set. Some of them wouldn’t even deliver your package to you for days and give you flimsy excuses when they do.


Also, make sure that the cannabis products you’re buying are also quality. Many companies like to alter the cannabis’ chemistry to make it more potent. However, this “tainted” cannabis often does not possess any medicinal benefits. It may provide you with some uncomfortable side effects. Hence, make sure you’re getting largely unprocessed, quality cannabis whenever you want to purchase.


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  • Scientists Have Conducted More Studies To Back Up The Benefits Of Using Cannabis


There had previously been a lot of misconceptions around cannabis. Many people believed that this herb possessed no positive effects.


Luckily, many scientists have conducted multiple studies on this herb. Many studies show that cannabis provides various medicinal benefits such as suppressing mental health disorders, relieving stress, and stabilizing mood. It can even control weight. The age gap purchasing this herb has significantly widened because of these reasons. Ultimately, this means more capital injection into the cannabis industry, which has fast-tracked its growth.


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  • Faster Transactions and Delivery Rates


Before humans introduced technology into the cannabis industry, delivery rates and overall cannabis transactions were generally slow. Now, you can purchase or sell all the cannabis you want at lightning speed. Additionally, you dont have to go through any hassle while you’re making these transactions.

  • Extraction Technology


Thanks to technology, manufacturers can now extract valuable substances from cannabis to make even more valuable products. Some of these include CBD oils, tinctures, and gummies. Before this action was possible, you would have to smoke cannabis to get its medicinal and recreational benefits. Now, this innovation has allowed non-smokers to get the medical and recreational uses of cannabis equally.


How Did Law Help The Cannabis Sector?


As mentioned earlier, many countries have banned cannabis for a long time. This halted the growth of the cannabis industry. If governments worldwide never banned this herb, the cannabis sector would have been far more significant and valuable than it is now.

That said, many people continued to fight against the ban on cannabis. 


They complained that their governments banned this herb for presumptuous and wrongful reasons, and it needed to be sold freely on the market again. This clamor went on for decades, and the United States finally listened. Governmental bodies partially lifted the ban, allowing the cannabis industry to grow. Without the intervention of the law, the cannabis sector wouldn’t be as big as it is today. 

The intervention of the law has led to two main positive ripple effects in the cannabis industry:

  • Strengthening the movement

A movement to legalize marijuana has existed since governments banned it. Interestingly, the recent legalization in multiple countries has allowed these movements to gain more confidence in their cause. People are now hearing their voices better, and they have proved to be instrumental towards legalization worldwide. 

  • Allowance of sale and use of cannabis

Without the intervention of several governmental bodies, cannabis would still be banned and strictly prohibited today. Now that cannabis is legal, it would positively affect the cannabis industry, allowing for growth and development. Ultimately, it would enable the economy to grow.

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Final Words

Cannabis is a remarkable substance that millions of people in several countries worldwide use. Although this herb was illegal for a long time, the injection of technology and law has helped fast-track its progress since its legalization.


Many analysts have praised the phenomenal progress of the industry and have predicted its value to rise to at least $73.6 billion by 2027.


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