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In this complimentary game, you will have the opportunity to experience animated renditions of a wide array of basketball's most prominent figures and challenge your abilities to secure the triumph.

Upon commencing the game, players will be presented with the choice between three modes: 1P, 2P, or Quick Match.

By choosing a single player, users will be presented with the choice of participating in a Tournament, generating a Random Match, or enhancing their abilities outside of regular hours as they strive to achieve the status of the next Michael Jordan.

Alternatively, by choosing the 2 Player option, you have the option to compete directly against a friend or engage in a 2 vs. 2 competition if four of you like to participate. In addition, it is possible to engage in a two-player CPU-based match.

By choosing Quick Contest, you will immediately engage in a one-on-one contest versus the computer, featuring two basketball stars chosen at random.

As you become proficient in the game, you will develop the ability to demonstrate your abilities by executing incredible dunks and three-pointers, while completely embracing the remarkable physics that the game presents.

Once the super shot bar at the top of the screen is fully filled, the ultimate dunk may be accessed by pressing the 'Z' key. This unlocks the ability to execute the ultimate move from any location on the court.

NBA Stars is an essential game for enthusiasts of basketball.

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