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Can you learn pharmacy, mathematics, science, or any other topic? Not! So, how can one learn the Quran on their own? Hifz Quran Online requires the hiring of a skilled and experienced tutor. Here are some compelling reasons to support this claim.

1. All prophets were teachers.

The Prophet served as our instructor, while Angel Jibraeel AS served as his. The first revelation describes how Prophet Muhammad SAWW was instructed to listen first, then read after the Angel. Also, Prophet Muhammad SAWW recited the Quran twice to his teacher in the final Ramadan of his life.


This plainly shows that the Quran cannot be recited, memorized, or understood without the guidance of a master.

2. You are accountable to someone.

Having a Quran teacher holds you accountable for daily lessons and revisions. We know that if we begin something alone, we tend to continue doing it until we abandon it. We keep making excuses for ourselves to accomplish the assignment when we are free. However, we are never free to do it. In contrast, the presence of a teacher will make us aware of the importance of learning the lesson before the next session.


Quran memorization necessitates systematically organized classes in which the student is accountable to the tutor for every verse.

3. A teacher can keep track of your progress.

Structured Quran Hifz courses are well-organized, and the hired tutor is responsible for keeping track of the students' progress to determine whether they are progressing or stagnating. A thorough progress assessment also assists pupils in determining how much time they will need to complete their memorizing.


Learning the Quran on your own will make it harder to create a check-and-balance system, and you may not be able to track your progress in the same manner that your teacher will.

4. A report card is essential for memorization.

When you repeat your lesson with appropriate Tajweed to a teacher, she or he will point out any errors you make, which is impossible when you do not recite to anyone. The teacher will take note of the inaccuracies and assist you in correcting them throughout the Quran memorization program. You can only proceed to the following stanza once your lesson is error-free.


The report card will assist you in revision sessions when you must avoid making any blunders.

5. Your tutor knows what strategy works best for you.

Every strategy works differently for each learner. You may be a visual person and simply use the audio technique or another form of remembering that does not fit your mindset. So, a teacher will assess what works best for you and which strategies produce the best results.

Many students become stopped along their hifz trip, so their instructors adjust their plans and use creative techniques to keep them on course. We abandon the hifz ambition of doing it independently because we need more knowledge about teaching approaches. Hifz strategies might differ depending on the student's age, and we consider this in our online Hifz sessions for youngsters.

6. Memorization requires constant motivation.

Memorization is a difficult task! One must practice motivation regularly and take a booster dose to stay on track. Otherwise, Satan will keep pinching you to abandon this arduous activity and do something more manageable. A teacher who has been through this path is aware of the student's emotions, so they continue to motivate you so that you can quickly achieve the goal.

This drive can also come from family members, although they have yet to experience the effort and dedication required for memorization. Your hired Quran teacher will increase your energy and morale by narrating Huffaz's success tales, the benefits given by Allah to Hafiz, and other techniques to keep your enthusiasm alive.

7. A teacher will teach you the meaning of mind mapping.

It is only advisable to learn Allah's words with comprehension. You must understand what Allah has communicated to you. People claim they can read the Tafseer independently; however, a teacher can reveal the deeper details in each verse.

If your chosen teacher is a member of a renowned Quranic platform, such as Quran Tutors Online, they will create mind maps for each Surah to explain the finer points, overviews, backgrounds, and references.


Memorizing with comprehension also makes it easier to recollect the Surah. You will remember the meaning and be able to continue reciting the Surah with understanding.\

8. Goal-setting is quite essential.

It is always best to begin hifz with the easiest and smallest Surahs to get into a flow and gain momentum. Your teacher will set tiny goals as milestones for you to achieve. Each lesson will bring you one step closer to your objective, and you will be able to achieve it gradually.

You cannot make goals independently because no one is well-organized enough to carry them out precisely. Having your teacher set goals for you and help you attain them is preferable.

9. There is only a sense of accomplishment with a teacher.

Who knows what you intend to do on your own? With whom would you share your success story? Moreover, will you be content with finishing the hifz program independently? There is no accomplishment satisfaction until proper instruction, classes, examinations, grades, and certification.


We strongly recommend hiring a skilled Hifz teacher who will create a structured strategy for you to become a hafiz quickly. You will be glad and content that you have learned the book of ALLAH without any hidden faults.

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