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  • Books and prints
  • Ihram and accessories  for Umrah
  • sets of Umrah personal hygiene kits
  • First aid kits
  • Umrah Safe – Umrah and Umrah travel neck bag
  • First Aid Kits for Umrah and Umrah

The importance of early and proper Umrah preparation cannot be overstated through umrah packages 2023 from Pakistan as a significant investment of money, time, and physical effort is required for the pilgrimage to be rewarding and meaningful during the Umrah. Information must be gathered, roadmaps must be drawn up, and documents must be prepared.

Along with the excitement of arriving in Makkah comes the anxiety of planning. We have compiled a list of things you may need for  Umrah in Makkah. You can use this list to plan your gifts for your friends and Relatives going to Umrah.

What to pack for Umrah?

Check the Important Documents

  1. Passport
  2. Id Card
  3. Tickets
  4. Hotel Booking Receipt
  5. Bank Draft of Umrah Payment
  6. Important Phone Numbers in a Diary
  7. Passport Size photos
  8. Relationship certificate (for Women traveling with Mahram)
  9. Prescription of Medicines you are using.
  10. Books and Printables
  11. Free Umrah guide Pamplet
  12. A list of one-minute short Dua
  13. A list of useful Arabic Phrases, Words, and Arabic Numbers
  14. Umrah and Umrah Guide
  15. Pocket Quran
  16. Book of Dua
  17. Ihram and accessories to pack for Umrah
  18. Ihram
  19. Ihram Belt
  20. Prayer beads
  21. Hijab and Abaya(Women)
  22. Headscarf (Women)
  23. Umrah, Safe Anti-theft Money belt
  24. Secure Umrah and Umrah Neck bag
  25. Pocket Prayer mat
  26. Tasbeeh
  27. Advertisements
  28. Leather Khuff Socks
  29. Comfortable Slippers
  30. Towels/Sheets
  31. Wudu water bottle-travel Reusable foldable
  32. goggles and Umbrellas
  33. Zipper bag to keep stones for Jamarat
  34. Sleeping Bag (optional)
  35. Personal Toilet Kit to pack for Umrah
  36. Umrah and Umrah Unscented alcohol-free Soap Kit
  37. Unscented tissues and Wipes
  38. Unscented lip balm
  39. halal, unscented Moisturiser
  40. Toothbrush, toothpaste
  41. Unscented Soap and Shampoo
  42. Regular Shampoo for non-Ihram days
  43. Scissors, Nail Clippers, and ear Pad
  44. Sanitary Napkins and liners (Women)
  45. Sunscreen
  46. Dry Tissues
  47. First-aid Kit
  48. Prescription Medicines
  49. General Medicines like :
  50. Brufen, Tylenol, Panadol, Cataflam/ Voltral, Voltral/Moov gel, Something for the stomach,  Ansaid (or any other for tooth pain)
  51. Band-Aids
  52. Cotton
  53. lubricating eye drops
  1. Electronic and currency
  2. Money in Saudi Riyal
  3. Mobile/tab
  4. Charger
  5. Advertisement
  6. Earphone
  7. small torch
  8. awake
  9. 3-2 pin adapter

Another thing you must do is download this free app to navigate the Grand Mosque (Haram Sharif) - Makkah. This application works without the internet and can help you to locate important places in Haram if you've packed your bags for the Umrah through umrah packages 2023 from Canada on Congratulations! If you need help getting your stuff, I've compiled a list of useful things you'll need for the Umrah with links to buy them so you don't have to rush into a last-minute shopping spree.

Ihram for Umrah

Ihram is a white garment without seams that you wrap around your body during Umrah. Pilgrims are not allowed to wear clothes made during  Umrah ceremonies, so make sure the Ihram clothes you buy are of good quality and not transparent. It is advisable to take two pairs of Ihram in case one of them gets dirty. You can buy special Ihram clothes. The belt can hold money, cell phones, important documents, and Duas books. If you have not purchased the Ihram, you can have it delivered to your home within a few days.

Ihram Belt

The Umrah Safe Anti-Theft Waist Bag is designed for pilgrims looking for a  safe (security) and sturdy (security) belt bag. It can be used to hold their most important travel items, for example, passports, money, mobile phones and many more. These bags are better than leather bags. These bags are reinforced with yarn, which makes them cut-resistant.

This is important as there have been many cases of people having their bags cut and stolen during tawaf around the Kaaba in Makkah through umrah packages 2023. Umrah Safety Waist Bags are  Umrah anti-theft belt bags, making them cut-resistant for Umrah. They can be worn over the Ihram or used as a belt to hold the Ihram.

Pocket Quran

Haram Sharif has many Quran on the alhamdulillah shelf, and you don't have to worry about reciting the Quran inside Haram Sharif. But due to the large number of people, sometimes you will have to pray outside Haram Sharif. And in  Arafat, Mina, and other places, carrying the Quran in your pocket saves lives through umrah packages 2023.Umrah is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and you don't want to regret anything. So prepare your pocket Quran for Umrah.

Guide to Umrah

Umrah is the trip of a lifetime. You have been planning your Umrah for years. By now, you may have attended Umrah lessons or lectures and may have looked up everything on Google. If you still feel anxious, it means you are still missing Something. We would like to recommend a guide for Umrah.

The book makes Umrah very simple umrah packages 2023. There is no need to worry about getting lost during Umrah or Umrah. This book gives you step-by-step instructions with pictures and makes everything easy. Interestingly, the book not only prepares you to perform Umrah but also encourages you to recite exactly what happens in each process in both Arabic and English. But I think what makes this book most interesting is the visuals of the places we're going to visit. Not only will you know where you are, but it can also be of great help if you get lost during your trip.

About this book:

This book is written in a very interesting form. It displays maps of more than 30 monuments in Madina Munawarrah and describes the journey with detailed personification. It also contains walking maps for Umrah stations and a blueprint. Historical photos of Makkah and Madina are also included. What I like most about this book is the 3D map of Jannatul Baqi with biographies of many sahabas buried there.

First aid kit for Umrah

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. So, keep a medical kit handy at all times. MediSpor first aid kit 100 pcs, red hard box. If the carrying case is compact and portable with a streamlined bag, then it will be the best Umrah carry-on kit.

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