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Milkio Foods is one of the leading grass-fed ghee manufacturers and exporters.  Milkio renders its role in the ghee supply chain as a Grass-fed ghee manufacturer, exporter, and ghee supplier for the consumer market and in a business-to-business ghee manufacturing support scheme.  Let’s explore some more business insights about Milkio Foods, New Zealand. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes Milkio Foods a standout ghee supplier in New Zealand?

  • Answer: Milkio Foods is a renowned name in the dairy industry, known for its commitment to quality and authenticity. As a leading ghee supplier in New Zealand, Milkio specializes in producing premium grass-fed ghee, including grass-fed cow ghee, grass-fed sheep ghee, and grass-fed organic ghee. 

2. What sets Milkio Foods apart as a pure ghee supplier?

  • Answer: Milkio Foods takes pride in offering grass-fed cow ghee, crafted with utmost precision and adherence to traditional methods. Milkio’s commitment to purity means ghee is made with no additives, preservatives, or zero- compromises in quality. Consumers seeking authentic and unadulterated ghee may try grass-fed ghee products by Milkio Foods.

3. Does Milkio Foods cater to the demand for bulk ghee in New Zealand?

  • Answer: Absolutely Yes! Milkio Foods is not just a ghee supplier in the retail market; they are a reliable ghee producer of bulk ghee in New Zealand, Milkio branded products, and white-label ghee products. 

4. Why should one consider Milkio Foods for sheep ghee in New Zealand?

  • Answer: For those seeking a unique and flavorful experience, Milkio Foods offers premium sheep ghee. Known for its distinctive taste and nutritional benefits. sheep ghee from Milkio Foods is manufactured from grass-fed sheep milk fat and by following traditional methods. The ghee is a quality-assured product and is officially verified as lactose-casein-free and keto and paleo-diet-friendly.


5. Is Milkio Foods recognized as a trustworthy butter ghee manufacturer/ supplier in New Zealand?

  • Answer: Yes, indeed. Milkio Foods is not just a ghee supplier; The company is also a reputable butter ghee manufacturer and ghee exporter in New Zealand. The expertise of the company in the art of ghee production extends to crafting grass-fed butter ghee, ensuring a product that retains the rich, nutty flavor, typical characteristic of quality grass-fed ghee.


When it comes to selecting the best ghee supplier in New Zealand, Milkio Foods stands out as a beacon of quality, authenticity, and variety. The company’s commitment to traditional methods and stringent quality control makes it the trusted choice for those who appreciate the finer aspects of ghee for cooking or white-label ghee for ghee business under private label.

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