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Mission Statement: To provide the healthiest, safest, most convenient medical marijuana delivery methods for our patients, period.


Vaporizer Cartridge


the PureCure 0.5g THC Extract Prefilled Vaporizer Cartridge is the most potent on the market in the entire state. This is due to the fact that with our proprietary processing we are able to pull all of the waxes out which lowers the thickness of the hash oil and enables it to work very well in any type of vaporizer cartridge while maintaining a 75% THC by weight. All of our oil is made from Organic Sun-Grown Cannabis

Pure Cure Oil Kit


The PureCure 1g oil Kit is a very versatile product. Our oil is 75% THC by weight and the oil can be used to cook, dab, vaporize, eat or add on to flower. One of the greates things about oir oil kit is that you can use it to fill your own vaporizers easily especially chambered models such as the KangerTech mini Pro-Tank 2 or 3, providing you with hundreds of hits off a single vaporizer fill.

Edible Strips

Pure Cure Medicated oral strips are Peppermint Flavored and come in Sativa and Indica varieties. Our strips are made from the same organic organic sun grown cannabis oil base. Place under the tongue or between the cheek and gum and the strip will dissolve directly into your bloodstream.. Our strips are much more potent and effective than traditional edibles because they completely bypass your digestive system and the medicine enters your bloodstream directly through the mouth.

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