How do I sign up?

Register here.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you have a current paid membership, you can find a link to cancel your membership on your account & billing page.

My Business is already listed on WeedClub, how do I add it to my account to manage it?

Visit your Business's profile page and click the "Claim" button to initiate the process. You will then be asked to provide contact and other information so that we can verify your authority. Once your information has been confirmed, we will transition control to your user account.

What is Private Message Relay and how does it work?

When you Message directly with other Members, your email addresses are anonymized similar to how Craigslist's message system works. It's fast and easy to hit the "Message" button, type and Send. Reply to messages inline from your own email and the recipient will see an anonymous WeedClub email address instead of your email address.

What is a WeedClub Blog?

A fast, safe, uncensored way to publish and broadcast information. Drafting, editing and publishing posts to your Blog is done a simple to use editor. Posts have a social media sharing ‘bar’ so that virality is built in - however, your content lives on WeedClub instead of on a place that may censor content in our domain.

What is a Vanity URL?

A shorter way to advertise and brand your WeedClub Profile or Blog address. Customize your Profile or Blog to be pointed to and use your Profile as a website even.

What is a WeedClub Certified Business?

Certifed Businesses have provided private documentation to WeedClub to verify their business legitimacy and/or credentials. In most cases, businsesses provide a copy of their State Licenses, Business Permits, DBA, and/or other governmental filings. Any uploaded Verfication/Certification documents are for Administrative Use Only. WeedClub does not make these documents public.

Why isn't my State listed on the Membership billing pay form?

Unfortunately, Cannabis is not yet legal in every jurisdiction, so in many cases we are only allowed to accept Memberships from States where it is legal. But rest assured, as soon as your State has some form of Medical or Recreational law in place, WeedClub Membership will be available to you!

Does WeedClub sell any Cannabis products?

No. However, we can help you locate such items.

Is WeedClub free to use?

Yes. Members may join for free.

How much is an upgraded WeedClub membership?

  • Personal Plus: $4.20 per month
  • Business Plus: $24.20 per month
  • Dispensary Plus: $24.20 per month
  • Discounted Rates available for 6-month & 1-year memberships.
  • I am a Dispensary. What does WeedClub offer me?

    Visibility and Engagement where you want it. You get: Unlimited Search, Private Double-Relay Messaging, post Jobs, and be seen on our local maps, so that customers find you. Never run out of popular strains, and discover new products to add to your inventory.

    I am a Vendor. What does WeedClub offer me?

    Safe Networking with industry members who want to expand their cannabis businesses. The WeedClub Member eco-system is diverse, so you can find all the essential contacts you need for products and services that will turbo charge your business.

    I have a suggestion to improve WeedClub. How do I submit it?

    We'd love to hear from you. Please send us suggestions here.

    Should I get a Personal Account or a Professional Account?

    If you participate in the Direct or Ancillary business of cannabis, you should get a Professional Account. If you are an individual who is newly interested in getting into the marijuana industry, you should get a Personal account.