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I'm an artist. I love creating things for the walls of your game rooms, bars, man caves and office. I'm a seasoned designer with an emphasis on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I do logos, cards, brochures, shirts, graphics for the web and print. I'm pretty damn good with creative concepts for marketing/advertising and I've heaps of experience with designing packaging as well. Proficient in web design and CMS's like Wordpress. So yes, I can help you with your website. Have ties with printing and screen printing shops. I'm also a photographer when I feel like it...or when someone wants to pay me for it. Products, people and events. Grew up on the Central Coast of California in Monterey County. I have a love for all things fresh and green from fruits and veggies to the best edibles. I fully support the medical movement and legal process of legalizing and taxation so businesses can freely sell their products. Currently based in Tempe, AZ but am more than willing to travel for the right jobs. I have a soft spot for marijuana related businesses, so I do offer my small business rates instead of corporate rates for my services. All fine art and customized fan art is quoted per job. I offer to print my nerdy fan art on large posters and can customize them so they feature YOU in the mix. These are my passion and are truly unique.
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Fine Nerd-Stoner Art


Mixed medium art. Photo-Illustrator-Photoshop poster sized art for your smoke room, game room, office walls or entertainment cave. I take action figures from your childhood, photograph them and make YOU the star. I can customize the action figures to reflect a battle between other toy lines or to feature you and your friends battling it out. With the power of Photoshop, I can make just about anything happen. You'll get a bunch of gawkers staring at these pieces for way too long and sometimes you'll walk by and get a good laugh because they're simply so detailed and ridiculous. This is what I live for, this is what makes me happy. Creating art that brings smiles and laughter to people. Give these to the ultimate fan that has every collectible in the catalogue. They'll love it forever...and you'll be one of their favorite personages.

Logo Design


I can create from scratch, which includes researching businesses in your state to ensure that you're not unintentionally using someone else's ideas or stepping on any toes. I can also digitally create what you've sketched on paper.

Graphic Design


Designs for web and print. Brochures, business cards, websites, social media, t-shirts and packaging. I've experience across the board and you'll receive your files in the proper formats for the outlet you're using.

Product Photography


Product photography for a fraction of the cost. Save money if I'm in your area. Show me a written quote from a professional photographer in your area and I'll do my best to beat it.

Event Photography


Been flown from coast to coast to photograph events. From weddings in Hawaii to conventions in DC. Buy my flights and put me up in a decent hotel...and give me some money to spend while I'm there, and you'll get some of the best event photos you'll ever see. From a girls night out to your next office party, I have years of experience in nightlife photography and you won't regret spending your funds on my photos and experience. The more you're willing to spend, the more I can offer. From equipping myself with GoPro cameras to carrying multiple cameras for various lenses to snap with or even bringing an assistant. I have a way with people and I'll document what ACTUALLY happened at your events...not just a bunch of cheesy pictures of people standing in a group smiling. Candid-lifestyle-photojournal-in-the-middle-of-the-dance-floor-catching-every-minute-of-action-you-can't-believe-you-took-you-shirt-off-and-puked-but-I-got-it-on-camera-so-you-know-its-true-ography...yeah, that's my style!!!

Creative Consulting


Fly me out and put me up in a hotel and give me a few bucks to spend on entertainment and food...just to get me to sit at your next round table session??? Yup, sometimes having me around pays off. I'll help toss ideas, polish them up, play devil's advocate and give you some very creative input. Sometimes you just need an untamed mind in the room, and mine is just THAT...untamed! Fresh ideas and that might just sound crazy but their worth every penny.

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