Flower + concentrate infusion device

Pawtucket, RI


Vue is a startup devoted to developing premium, portable vaporizers for the contemporary medical herbal patient. Our introductory product, Duo, will be the first vaporizer to allow the simultaneous or independent use of the two primary forms of herbal medicine; traditional flowers & the modern, more refined version: concentrates, within a single, portable device. Since traditional flowers and concentrates require different methods of heating to vaporize, they must be heated in separate chambers. All current products on the market only contain one chamber, catering to only one type of herbal medicine. Most, if not all patients use these two primary forms of herb to medicate, yet no delivery system on the market caters to both materials in one, portable solution, without the use of external attachments and extra parts. Duo will empower the contemporary herbal patient by freeing them to carry one device, instead of two.



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Applications of nonsmoking technologies, such as vaporization, as well as by-products, such as concentrated oils (which can be best utilized by vaporization) are experiencing dramatic demand, but are not satisfied due to the lack of quality delivery systems on the market. In addition, certain states require users to vaporize only. Duo is the first dual chamber, infusion vaporizer delivery system, that employs algorithmic heating technology that will enable users to best regulate: Variable draw, or the intensity of vaporization, depending on how hard, or gently, the user inhales. - The amount of medicine, whether that is in form of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound, or in the form of tetrahydrocannabinol, and all other cannabinoids to enhance their immediate needs. - The ability to activate both chambers in order to create a substantial entourage effect that medicates multiple symptoms at once.

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