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Keep it green! Smart storage is critical for protecting the potency of cannabis. Yet as medical and recreational use grows, options for storage remain outdated and mostly ineffective at preserving the quality and efficacy of marijuana. Introducing Greenskeeper™ by Santa Cruz Bakeware, a uniquely functional storage system for cannabis. THE PROBLEM The elements are your enemy. Air dries out buds. Exposure to light deteriorates trichomes. Too much moisture invites mold and bacteria. Cannabis needs a favorable environment to stay fresh and effective. Typical storage, ranging from clear glass plastic food containers, can't ensure potency or long-term freshness. THE SOLUTION Greenskeeper is the first contemporary solution for storing cannabis at home. A set of inner bottles separates up to five strains. An outer container and lid lock together to seal out air and block harmful UV light. A removable base secures humidity packs or beads. Controlled moisture flows within the entire system, keeping your buds fresh. It's that simple. QUALITY DESIGN AND MATERIALS Store in a cool place but not out of view. Greenskeeper is designed to be as attractive as it is functional. In addition to solving practical issues of storing cannabis, Greenskeeper is the highlight of any environment. Each component is FDA approved for food storage, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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