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Green Panther is one of the largest online medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada providing an incredible selection of cannabis products. At Green Panther, our products are leading the medical marijuana dispensary revolution, with our incredible selection of flowers, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more. Our mission is to become the top medical marijuana dispensary in Canada through incredible, hassle-free products.



Bubba Kush Bubba Kush (I)

Indica Flower

This almost pure indica strain has become a staple strain worldwide due to its delightful sweet, earthy smell and taste and its almost tranquilizing effects that leave smokers calm and happy. After taking a hit, the overwhelming calming effects begin taking place from head to toe as your muscles begin to ease with heaviness and euphoria takes over, eliminating all stress and worries and leaving you calm and happy. Bubba Kush is perfect for relieving pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, or appetite disorders or simply just for those looking to relax. Bubba Kush is the go-to for anyone looking to relax and will certainly satisfy even those with heavy tolerances.

Cheesecake Cheese (I)

Hybrid Flower, Indoor

Developed in the Netherlands, Cheesecake is an extremely potent strain that delivers a ridiculous deep and heavy stone that indica lovers will adore. Because the effects of this strain are so powerful and loved, getting your hands on Cheesecake can admittedly be a challenge as it’s both pricey and hard to find. However, once you do get your hands on Cheesecake you’ll be glad you did as you experience both the wonderful scent and taste of Cheesecake as well as the almost sedative effects of the high that will leave you extremely relaxed as time slowly passes by all around you.

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