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Elevate 420 provides water filtration systems for legal cannabis growers. Inventor of the proprietary Bud Booster water filter for retail and home growers; replaces reverse osmosis. No water waste. Eliminates chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and all volatile organics including chlorine byproducts and pesticides. Demonstrated increase in production of dry bud weight. Suspect that potency is also increased. Also provide custom large scale commercial systems for warehouse grows.



Bud Booster for the Home Grower

Increase your harvest - intended for legal home use. Replaces reverse osmosis. No waste water! Removes chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride as well as all volatile organics including chlorine byproducts and pesticides. Flow rate of 1 gpm. Annual filter replacement depending on water use.

Bud Booster for the Retail Grower

The Bud Booster for Retail Grower is for the facility growing 300 to 500 pounds annually, possibly more. It provides filtered water at a rate of 3 - 5 gpm, removing chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, and all volatile organics including chlorine byproducts and pesticides. Replaces reverse osmosis in settings where total dissolved solids are under 300 ppm. No water waste. Annual filter replacements. Demonstrated to increase production over other water filters.

Commercial Grow Water Filtration Systems

Customized commercial filtration systems built to your needs, including chloramine and fluoride removal at rates from 10 to 25 gallons per minute or more or commercial reverse osmsosis where total dissolved solids or heavy metals are excessive.

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