Unique cannabis accessory products

Mississauga, ON


The original Clip-A-Tip is a thoughtfully designed tool intended to clip clip a perfect a 1x6cm cut-out for a smoking tip





We wanted to make and design a product that would be as ubiquitous as a lighter and just as accessible to. So we immediately got to work to design a device that could center itself around one of the longest lasting unchanging products in history: The Joint. That is how we came up with the 100% completely unique product called the Clip-A-Tip. Aiming to be the size of an average lighter, the clip a tip will allow users to cut crutches on any piece crutch worthy paper a perfect 1x6 cut every time, guaranteed. The crutch can then be folded into a smoking tip. The next feature of this device is storage capabilities for previous rolled or unrolled crutches.Another intended feature being a crutch roller which will roll your crutch perfectly every single time in to a smoking tip with a guaranteed block fold to prevent any extra debris from being inhaled. The final intended feature would be a flavoring mechanism to flavor the crutch or tip itself.

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