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Fully automated plant growing solution that allows any user to grow without any previous experience.



Cloudponics GroBox


Indoor grow cabinet with aeroponic cultivation system , LED light, fully automated and controlled from the phone, climate control, nutrient and pH management , air extraction and odor control.

Cloudponics GroPro

Other - Accessory

The Cloudponics GroPro allows you to fully automate your grow room or grow tent. Simply plug in your current lights, fan/heater, humidifier/dehumidifier and hydroponic water pump and let the GroPro adjust the climate and irrigation schedules for optimal growth. By placing the pH and EC sensors in your nutrient reservoir and connecting the nutrient and pH pumps to your nutrient reservoir, you leave the tedious task of nutrient and pH management in the hands of the GroPro. By using a secondary water reservoir for fresh water that will be used to top off automatically when you are away and dilute the nutrient mix if there is salt buildup, going away on vacations while your plants thrive is finally a reality.

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