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Business: Organtica
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We believe in the simple principal that when you start with healthy soil, you end with happy plants. Happy plants make great cannabinoid and terpene rich medicine. It's not rocket science, its being in tune with the plants and their needs while providing the perfect environment, every step of the way. 

While there is a great deal of science involved in the production of our strains, all the science in the world can’t make up for the lack of passion and dedication required if a growers doesn’t have their heart into it. It’s not something you can purchase at the hydro shop, or a skill you can acquire by taking classes. You either have the passion or you don’t.
Patients ask us all the time, what do you do differently? What makes all your strains so exceptional? It’s the passion.

The passion to do the very best we can and the dedication to keep at it.
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Quality over quantity/Patients for patients

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