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Marijuana has been long celebrated worldwide for its therapeutic benefits. In eastern countries such as India, marijuana has also been incorporated into religious festivals and rituals. It is the Indian culture itself that inspired the hippie culture in America. In western countries, marijuana was considered an illegal substance for a very long time. Still, most states have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana for patients over the last decade, while some states have passed laws legalizing the recreational use of cannabis.


There is no better feeling than smoking potent weed in the comfort of your home. You may ask your friends to come along and share the smoke with you. Smoking weed always helps open up to your friends, letting people bond well. Continue reading this article to find out how to create a fantastic weed party at home.


Select The Edibles: Visit any weed shop in your town and browse through the wide range of pre-rolls available over the counter. If you don’t have much knowledge about different strains of weed, be sure to ask the person selling the weed for a recommendation. Avoid purchasing weed from unreliable sources because that can get you in trouble. States that have legalized recreational usage of cannabis have various legal dispensaries from which an adult can purchase weed. For example, Denver has many weed stores since Colorado is one of the earliest states to have legalized recreational weed. Weed enthusiasts may check out 420 friendly things to do in Denver for exciting ideas.


Set The Atmosphere: Smoking weed is all about heightening the senses. When you smoke, you can feel your surrounding differently than you normally would. Therefore, be sure to decorate a corner of your home so that you can comfortably smoke with your friends without interruption.


  • Add scented candles to eliminate the overpowering odors of marijuana. The candles will also act as mood lighting, as you don’t want harsh light when you smoke.
  • Have a few colorful magazines lying around that you can browse through after getting high. When you experience high, you can see colors differently; therefore, seeing big printed words and colors on the magazines may let you experience a different kind of buzz. You can also watch colorful videos online to make you feel giddy.
  • Music is absolutely essential to enhance the smoking experience. You can play all of your favorite songs or play a marijuana music playlist. So many artists bring out music that complements your smoking and provides you with a calm feeling. When you smoke, you experience music differently; many say that one can see music when high.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Take Pre-Cautionary Measures: Once you decide to get high, invite the right crowd as you don’t want too many people breaking things after getting high in your house. A few close friends are perfect for a weed party. You can order finger food online, as smoking weed will likely make you hungry. It is advisable not to mix marijuana with alcohol. Many people consume weed in edible forms, such as pot brownies and cookies. Once the party is over, make sure everyone has a safe place to crash. Driving under the influence of weed may lead one to end up in jail.



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