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Women and Cannabis BusinessesSteinem read from her book, My Life on the Road at Dominican College in San Rafael yesterday.  While she focused on her usual themes around empowering women, peace and activism, readers of articles at WeedClub (and my writing particularly) would have been surprised and delighted by some of her comments.

Owners of medical marijuana mutual benefit companies and other legal cannabis businesses find me when looking for ways to improve the financial performance of their businesses. They also find me when looking to sell their business and I work with companies that supply to medical marijuana companies. Any topic related to cannabis as a business, but expecially accounting and finance for small and middle market business owners. 

One of my ongoing themes is numbers need to be put into context … financial statements mean nothing when you don’t understand or ignore them.

So I was startled when Steinem said something that could have come from my mouth: We, as humans, think in narrative … Every Fact, Every Number, Every Statistic gets turned into a story or it is ignored.

That is the essence of my consulting business – helping owners and managers of cannabis related businesses understand the narrative created by their financials, and how to use the information to generate a higher valuation, more cash flow or more growth for their business.

Of course, as a feminist leader, much of her discussion was about the world.  I was struck several times by how closely it echoed words from Jazmin Hubb, the CEO of WomanGrow, who was in San Francisco less than a week ago.  Follow this link to an article about Jazmin and Women in the Legal Cannabis Industry from Marijuana Venture.

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Elizabeth Pearce

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