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Our immune system has never been more critical than it has been due to the pandemic over the past year. Yet, the truth is, our immunity has always been an essential part of our bodily system because Covid-19 aside, we come across a myriad of viruses, bacteria, infections, and diseases daily without even realizing it.

For healthy people, the immune system grows stronger through exposure in daily life and vaccines, but there are things we can do to boost our bodily shield. Consuming a diet rich in vegetables and fruit is one great example. Being active, staying away from cigarettes, and getting enough sleep are other ways that help.

There happens to be another, newer way of boosting the immune system that isn't as traditional. CBD is the emerging product on the market that is being used for various chronic and mental health disorders, and boosting immunity is another health benefit added to its long list.


How does the immune system work?

Before we jump on CBD's work on the immune system, you must first understand how our inner shield works. The immune system comprises several bodily functions, including organs, tissues, and cells that communicate together to destroy harmful cells that have entered the body. The priority of the immune system is to keep us alive, as well as healthy.

The immune system heroes are the white blood cells, which can be divided into two types.

There are the lymphocytes and the phagocytes. The former, also known as B-cells and T-cells, work to extinguish harmful toxins and foreign substances from the body (also referred to as antigens). Lymphocytes can also remind the body of antigens that are harmful so that when they enter our system, the immune system can take action promptly.

On the other hand, phagocytes' role is to captivate and neutralize the harmful cells and stop them from scattering and creating further damage. The immune system's job is to detect which cells in the body aren't working optimally so that it can perform apoptosis — cell death — to prevent these bad cells from duplicating and forming tumors.

How does CBD work?

Now that you are better versed in the immune system, it's time to peek at the inner workings of Cannabinol (CBD). This natural compound is derived from the Cannabis Sativa, the same plant species from where marijuana is derived. However, unlike marijuana, CBD with less than 0.3 percent of THC does not have psychoactive effects. This means you cannot get high from it, and there is no risk of overdose. It is often consumed as smokable marijuana. Sellers prefer to buy smoke shop supplies in bulk because of the great demand they have.

CBD works on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a critical bodily function that plays a role in helping the immune system. The ECS manages vital functions such as body temperature, mood, fertility, appetite, sleep, and more. It uses its receptors, commonly known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors, to create optimal balance in the body — also known as homeostasis.

Can CBD give a boost to your immunity?
Although research on CBD is limited, researchers have observed encouraging data that categorizes this natural compound as an immunosuppressant. It does so in several ways:

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation is a critical response launched by the immune system when the body sustains an injury. There are two kinds of inflammation — acute and chronic. The former happens during infection, injury, or illness. Chronic inflammation persists in the body, and it can lead to severe harm for the organs and tissues, sustaining this lingering inflammation, which then results in oxidative stress.

Chronic inflammation can result from an untreated infection, certain illnesses, autoimmune disorders, or conditions like diabetes, asthma, and cancer. This type of inflammation can be caused by obesity, smoking, or chronic stress as well.

CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial when chronic inflammation is present by reducing the inflammatory response sent out by the immune system.

CBD can stimulate cellular death

In 2009, a group of researchers conducted a study to determine whether CBD can promote cellular death, also known as apoptosis. The group observed how this natural compound could induce apoptosis in immune cells, thus indicating another reason why CBD has immunosuppression potential.

CBD can stimulate or block the secretion of cytokines

Cytokines are essentially large groups of protein which are secreted in the immune system by individual cells. These proteins' role is to communicate with the molecules and manage inflammation, white blood cell production, and immunity in the body. Preliminary research indicates CBD's potential to stimulate the secretion of cytokines when the body requires it. CBD can also block the release of cytokines when too many white blood cells are being produced.

CBD can block rapid cellular growth

Proliferation, also known as rapid cellular growth, is how the body sees a surge in the number of cells. Proliferation is vital when the body has sustained some form of cell loss, but it can result in tumors when proliferation is overactive. One study indicated CBD's potential to inhibit the proliferation of HUVEC.

CBD can suppress T-cells

T-cells are essential for the immune system. However, they can turn harmful if they start attacking the body's tissue, thus causing cell death. CBD may potentially regulate how t-cells work as researchers observed a "down-regulation" when conducting a study.


How to take CBD safely?

Although researchers have not observed any harmful side effects when CBD is consumed, it is essential to take CBD responsibly. Consulting a medical professional so you can be guided into the right dose and CBD product is a priority. It doesn't necessarily have to be CBD oil to get your dose of cannabidiol, you may also choose to go with edibles. has some of our favorite CBD edibles that you would love to check out.

There are many CBD products out there, but a medical professional can tell you which brands are high-quality organic CBD based products. Moreover, it is vital to seek medical advice if you are taking other medications as CBD can block your medicine's work and cause you harm or lead to complications. That said, the benefits of CBD products are many. If needing to improve any of the things listed above, CBD might just be the product you need.

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