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The 530 Edible wholesale product line was born in 2012 out of a desire to raise the bar for medical cannabis edibles in our area (the far north region of California) by blending potency, taste and, most importantly, consistency into hand-crafted, gourmet products. After years of being dissatisfied with the medical cannabis edible products available, which were either inconsistent in their potencies, unpalatable, or both we decided to launch our own high-end line, 530 Edibles, with the commitment to providing unique and gourmet products with consistency and unsurpassed flavor to patients desiring ingestible medical cannabis. All of our items are made with the highest quality, organic concentrated cannabis from plants grown right here in sunny northern California. All testing of our activated cannabis concentrate is done regularly through Sequoia Laboratories in Sacramento. While we are in the development of new items all the time for the existing patient-clients in our hometown, we are now proud to offer wholesale to preferred dispensaries throughout the rest of the Golden State, a few of our signature edibles, each available in two potencies: 70mg and 210 mg. Our team has trained in all corners of the globe and have come together to combine their knowledge of the culinary, retail, and marijuana industries. Mariah, one of our veterans, is the self-taught mastermind behind our in-house favorites such as the Peppermint Patty and Artisan hard candies. Bringing his training in chocolate from ENSP in Yssingeaux, France, Josh joins us on our journey of perfecting our Chocolate Ganache, Macaron, and S’mores Bar. Sabrina brings her experience in large event ordering and catering from Michelin-starred restaurant and bakery, Bouchon, working with both high-end cliental and small boutique events. The team is led by Jamie and Gregg, successful entrepreneurs who bring over 14 years combined knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry as well as extensive past experience in community relations. 530 Edibles is a division of 530 Collective Corporation.
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Famous S'mores Bar

Baked Goods

This has been so popular for the past five years that we’re famous for it! If the Ritz-Carlton were to create a S’mores bar it would probably taste something like this. Graham cracker crust, rich chocolate ganache, and homemade marshmallow toasted to perfection. You won’t even miss the campfire. One S’more per package. Available in 70 mg and 210 mg potencies.

Peppermint Patty


Like a ski resort in your mouth. Refreshing and rich come together with creamy-cool peppermint smothered in luscious dark chocolate. One patty per package. Available in 70 mg and 210 mg potencies.

Parisian Macaron

Baked Goods

Parisian-style meringue cookie made with almond flour (this means gluten-free!) and filled with our rich, chocolate ganache. More flavor variations to come! One macaron per package. Available in 70 mg and 210 mg potencies.

Raspberry Ganache Bon Bons


Decadent, dark chocolate ganache infused with juicy raspberry. More flavor variations to come! Two bon bons per package. Available in 70 mg and 210 mg potencies.

Artisan Hard Candy


100% unique, mouth-watering flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. With 10 candies per tin these are great for patients new to cannabis, patients with very low tolerances or any patients on the go. Available in 70 mg and 210 mg potencies. Current flavors available: Cinna-melon, Sour Punch, and Blackberry Lime Cheesecake. Flavors coming mid-Spetember: Tropical Chili Lime, Root Beer Float, Orange Crème, and more. Sugar-free is also coming very soon in every flavor!

Fresh Fruit Tarte

Baked Goods

Yep, it's as delicious as it looks. From-scratch crust, devine pastry creme filling, topped with seasonal fruit, this edible takes you to Paris without the expensive airfare. Available in 70 mg and 210 mg potencies. THIS ITEM IS EXTREMELY PERISHABLE. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE ADEQUATE REFRIGERATION CAPABILITIES BEFORE YOU ORDER.

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